Whether you join a boxing class or train at your home gym, your journey will start only when you get a pair of boxing gloves. The varieties are overwhelming, especially for those new to this field. Someone without a coach may also need a little guidance. Knowing the nitty-gritty of an essential component like this makes things easy. To be precise, you can evaluate your choice on several parameters to make it perfect. Here are some hints.

Ways to pick the boxing gloves

One of the things to concern yourself with is the weight and size of the gloves. These can weigh anywhere from 4-20 ounces. You can select from them based on your body mass, hand shape, length, and need. Beginners usually choose from 12-14 ounces. Remember, you get different options for different purposes. Sparring, competition, and bag gloves are popular picks. Check Revgear.com for an idea. Likewise, you can expect these to be available in several materials, such as faux leather, leather, vinyl, and microfiber. Most expensive varieties, like leather, can be durable, but synthetic leather can also be helpful. The closure styles also matter. Velcro closures are widespread for their ease of use. Even lace-ups are consideration-worthy. But it depends on the best fit ultimately.

The experts recommend wearing hand wrap under the boxing glove to add a layer of security to your hand and wrists. It will also keep your gloves safe. 

The logical reasons behind the varying sizes of boxing gloves

The weight of the gloves includes the use of the material and padding. It can determine the force of your punch and the protection of your hand. Standard size options are 8, 12, 14, 16, and 20 ounces. 8-ounce gloves are the most lightweight variety suitable for pros. 10 oz gloves also suit professional fights, but they are more useful during sparring and training. Females and individuals with small hand sizes can opt for 12oz gloves. In general sparring and exercise, 14oz gloves can be the best. Even 16 ozs are common. If you need extra safety during sparring or heavy bag work, you can select 20oz gloves.

Since boxing is a high-impact competitive game, your wrists and hands can easily succumb to injuries. A heavy glove with sufficient padding can absorb the impact, minimizing injury risks and causing fewer bruises and cuts on your opponent’s face. Another reason to focus on the gloves’ weight is to challenge your opponent with your moves and punches. Lightweight gloves allow you to throw quick and precise punches, while heavier ones require additional physical force. Some practitioners wear light gloves to improve their speed in training and heavy ones for strength building. 

Working on a heavy bag with a glove that ensures hand and wrist protection, agility, and speed is necessary. You can rely on 14 or 16-oz size gloves for this. Their padding layers will keep your limbs safe from the impact of punching the bag. You can also infuse power into your punches.

You can shop for boxing gloves even online. Just read the product description and select your option carefully to avoid mistakes.