There is nothing more important than setting up the perfect retail store once you start a business. The goal of having the correct Shelving and storing system is everything. Every business has a different story and a different requirement. There is a huge difference between owning a store that sells party items and a store that sells groceries. Based on what your retail store is going to be about, setting the layout, finding the right Gondola shelves is important. This is what will determine how your store will be perceived by the crowds.

Creating a perfect and attractive setup to get people to want to visit your store is very important. Today with the number of options that people have, you cannot afford to leave any corners unturned. Believe it or not, visual aid is 83% responsible for making people decide on whether they want something. Colours can convey messages and emotions, the way you organise your store can either make people want to visit you again or never come back. People can lose interest in stores within a few minutes. Your store layout decides how long a potential client will want to stick around.

Rolled post shelving is a fantastic way to store and display smaller items. It’s simple to get started, and you may add on more later as needed. To increase storage capacity, rolled post dexion shelving can be set on mobile bases and runners.

Therefore ensuring that accessories and shelving systems such as Slatwall Panels, Slatwall shelving, etc are taken into account and added to ensure that you are creating the best and most attractive setup for your clients to not only come into your store but to want to visit again. However, you are probably here knowing this.

Gondola Shelving Systems are available in plenty but what you are looking towards understanding is how do you go about choosing the perfect Gondola Shelving System? Do not worry! All it takes is just a little bit of introspection and answering a few questions. Once you have done this, you will feel a lot more informed and will be able to decide within no time.

What Type Of Shelves Are Available And What Should I Choose?

As of now, Gondola shelves offer you four options. Volcano Panel, Punch panel, Plain Panel, and Mesh. Volcano and Punch panels are heavy-duty shelves and Punch and Plain panels are light-duty shelves.

Choose or combine the above to make the perfect Gondola Shelving System for you based on what kinds of products you plan to sell. Hardware and electronic items-based brands look towards heavy-duty shelves to protect their products. Simple stocking of items with nothing extra than plain panel shelves works great. Brands that sell accessories or need to display options of variety, will need to look at customizing their shelves with hooks and other accessories.

So this decision needs to be taken after considering all the factors of what your products are and how you plan on displaying them.

What Is Your Final List Of Accessories?

Depending on what your store will be selling, you will need to bring in extra or the usual amount of accessories required so you can display your products beautifully. Gondola shelving accessories are not only available in plenty, but also available with so many choices. If you are a store that sells bags and other accessories, having something like hooks of various lengths is very important. You can place bags on your normal shelves too, but to show the actual beauty of a bag means to display it in such a way wherein a client can see how it looks in its complete sense. A nice handbag that hangs on its strap from a hook allows a customer to have a visual of how it would look hanging and also has easier access towards being able to touch the bag.

Not just hooks, but so many other accessories such as shoe holders, bag holders, etc are available too. So if you are the type who has several products and variety available, getting accessories is something that would help you.

What Colours Are You Thinking Of?

Choosing the right colour for your shelves is of number one priority. Colours have psychological effects on clients and can either persuade them to stay or turn away from your brand. For example,

Red conveys excitement and romance.

Pink conveys beauty and faithfulness.

Blue conveys Peace and Integrity.

Usually, most consumers black and white-coloured Gondola shelves. However, if you have an agenda in mind, or want to make your customers feel a certain way, go deep into understanding what colours would work best for you. Based on that decision, you can then customise your shelf to look that way.

What Is The Best Configuration For Your Store?

How is the layout of your store going to be? Where will your products be placed? What counters will you have? These are some questions to consider while deciding what Gondola shelf would work best for you. Based on the products you are going to sell, the check-out counters you are going to have and the number of trolleys you plan on keeping, you should go about choosing the ideal Gondola shelving. Space is very important for customers.

So ensuring that your shelves are big enough to accommodate maximum products but enough to also give your clients space to breathe and move is very important.

How Many Levels Of Shelving Would Work Best?

The number of shelves needs to be decided before choosing your shelving system. The number of levels you finally go with completely depends upon the height, weight, and width of the products you will be selling. Ideally, it would be good to create a mock drawing of how you want your store to look and how you would like to place all your items.

Once it is down on paper, you can then share your thoughts with the team that will then suggest and customise your shelves so that users can be optimum. But what is most important to know is that if you are new to having a retail store, you may make mistakes at the start.

What you may have visualised might not necessarily work out. Therefore a bit of trial and error will always be involved.

After you have asked yourself these questions and analysed the logistics behind how your products are going to be displayed and how many will be out on display, you will be able to make an informed decision and choose the perfect Gondola Shelving System for yourself.

However, don’t be disheartened if you find that your first decision has not worked out well. Always look at getting a second opinion from other retail store owners or the place you choose to buy your shelving system from. Experienced retail store owners are the best to get second opinions from because of the years of trial and error experienced.

So go ahead and think through what shelves work best for you. We are sure once you have answered all these questions, you will feel a lot more confident and have more knowledge on what Gondola Shelving System would work best for you.

Wishing you success and good luck!