We have all settled for lower quality at some point in our lives. We have also paid the consequence for it too. You might have gone and bought a cheaper chain that looked like it would be good quality, only to find out that it didn’t take long for the color to change or the chain to tarnish. You end up having to throw away the chain that didn’t even last very long and thus, wasted your money. You wish you would have just bought a nicer chain that didn’t get ruined by water, heat, and sweat. Choosing a chain that is sweat-resistant is ideal. You don’t have to take it off every time you go to the gym. You also can wear it in the heat of summer without being concerned that your sweat will change the color. But what chain do you choose? There are a variety of different sweat-resistant chains that may work for you. Once you find the best one, you no longer have to settle for tarnishing chains. It’s time to take your chain game to the next level.

Thin Chains

There are chains that vary in thickness and length. Some people prefer a thin chain, while others prefer thicker chains. Some people enjoy having a mixture so they can layer or even switch it up based on their outfit. If you are looking for a thin sweat-resistant chain, the Connell chain is a great option. It comes in gold and silver, and it keeps things simple. You can easily wear it with a simple shirt or tank top, and it will complete your look. It is not ideal for bulky clothing or layered clothing. This is because it airs on the thinner side and can easily get hidden in the midst of a lot of clothes. Another thinner chain is the Snake chain. The links in the chain represent the skin of a snake hence, Snake chain. It’s a simple chain that helps elevate your look but doesn’t come off as overpowering. The Rope chain is another thin chain. It actually comes in a variety of thicknesses so you can get a Rope chain with medium thickness. This chain shys away from the typical chain link look, and has more of a twisted rope look. It still offers the laid-back look, but with a little more texture. The nice thing about thin chains is that you can easily layer them with other thin chains or with thicker chains. Or you can sport the classic solo look as everyday wear. Regardless, these sweat-resistant chains are easy to wear at the gym or during the summer because they are so lightweight. And you don’t have to worry about them changing color.

Medium Chains

Many men enjoy medium thickness for a sweat-resistant chain because it’s not too thin where it blends in but not too thick where it wildly stands out. An option for a chain with medium thickness is the Wheat chain. This chain is popular because the chain links are weaved together, giving a mix of classic yet fresh. The Figaro chain is another option for medium chains. This chain offers the typical chain link look, but has a larger chain link after every third smaller chain link. This spiced up pattern is a go-to option for many men looking for simple yet a little different than the rest. The G-Link chain is another medium chain that has larger and rounded chain links that are more spaced out than the other chains. People enjoy wearing the G-Link chain and layer it with pendants. If you really want to go all out, the Tennis chain is a medium chain that doesn’t follow suit of the chain link look. The chain features stones all the way around it coming off as more of a statement piece as opposed to the more subtle chains we talked about before. With all of these chains being sweat-resistant, you can wear them with confidence everyday to the gym, to work, and to a party.

Thick Chains

If you are looking for a thicker chain, some options are the Cuban chain and the Toggle chain. The Cuban chain comes in a variety of sizes so you can get a thinner one if you desire. It is also one of the most well known chains for men, and is used to level up mens’ wardrobes. The toggle chain is a more bold choice of chain that men enjoy wearing solo and with multiple layers of chains. If you are looking for your chain to stand out, try wearing one of the thicker options with a white tee or tank top. If you want it to compliment what you are wearing, try combining it with a pendant and a bomber jacket to have a more layered look.

Your Sweat-Resistant Chain

You can’t go wrong with any of the sweat-resistant chains. They are perfect for everyday wear, without worrying about them becoming discolored or tarnished. It’s also important to take care of your high quality chains by cleaning them every now and then with baking soda or dish soap. This helps eliminate dirt and oil that may buildup if you wear your chain often. Now, you can feel confident knowing your sweat-resistant chain is looking at its best every single day.