For almost all sports, the players are running or standing on their feet. More force is applied to the feet, which could get injured or develop shoe bites if proper footwear is not worn. Since the shoes are made of harder material, most people are wearing socks over their feet, before wearing the shoes. There are many different brands of sports socks available which differ in their design, material, price and quality. Some of the important factors which should be considered while choosing the right pair of socks while playing games or exercising are discussed below.


Almost all the socks available are using a blend with more than 90% polyester and some elastane, which makes the socks stretchable. The percentage of elastane varies depending on the specific sock design, higher quality socks usually have more elastane. The socks are light in weight and knitted so that they conform properly to the foot shape, for better fitting. Some of the better socks have cushioning in the heel, arch, toe, front of the foot and other high impact areas. The longer socks have silicone grips at the back of the heel so that the socks will not slip down.


Since the feet of the user are likely to become wet with sweat while playing sports, it is important to choose socks which will dry quickly. The better socks brands are using a material which will wick the sweat, so that the socks and feet remain dry. The fabric used will disperse the moisture in the feet, so that it evaporates quickly. A special anti-odor technology is used, to prevent unpleasant odors in the sock, and also the growth of harmful microbes. The socks usually have one or more mesh panels at the bottom and top for added ventilation so that the feet remain cool and dry. Well, be it tube sock or stirrup socks, comfort must be high on your mind, while purchasing a pair. This is because you would be wearing it for hours at a stretch at your workplace, and this is where material quality and fitting comes into play.


To prevent foot pain, the socks usually have arch support. The socks are contoured around the heels for a better fit. Some of the premium socks are designed for right and left foot to match the foot dimensions better. In a few socks, a comfort tab is provided in the front to reduce the lace bite in some shoes and other irritation. The socks are available in different sizes and lengths. The no show socks are smallest in length, and are not visible under the shoes. The low cut socks are slightly longer, so that they can be easily worn and removed. Over the calf socks are the longest, while crew socks are slightly smaller.

Package and size

The socks are available in different packaging to save time and money. Since one sock may get damaged, many people prefer to purchase a set of three pairs of socks at a time. Purchasing three pairs is also cheaper. For even greater discounts, sets with six pairs of socks are also available, though only in a few designs. The socks should be chosen to match the foot size. For most socks, medium and large sizes are available in different colors like white, black, grey and blue.