A cycling wallet has the same purpose as a traditional wallet but is smaller and lighter. There are many models of cycling wallets available. Some are made from ballistic nylon, which is strong, waterproof and is extremely comfortable to wear. The pocket design of these items allows you to stow important items while on your bike and is designed to be carried in the same way a traditional wallet is carried. With these features you can carry your cell phone, money, credit cards and other valuables in a different way and at a different place than with a traditional wallet.

What Things Make The Cycling Wallet Perfect:


 A standard cycling wallet is usually very small and can hold only a few items. A cycling wallet which is made from ballistic nylon or some other high performance material is typically larger and may fit into most sizes. You can also find wallets that are padded with extra material which helps to protect your items from water and mud. Other additional inner compartments to store your money, credit cards, loose coins and other keys ready for immediate access.


The material from which your cycling wallet is made will affect the durability of the wallet. The more durable wallets are typically made from cowhide leather which is very rugged and long lasting. This leather is also very soft and will conform to your body contours helping to avoid irritation. There are also wallets which are made from nylon which are also very durable and that feels very good against your skin. Nylon is also waterproof and will resist mildew. This means that your wallet will not stain when stored in a damp towel for an extended period of time.

External Zip Pocket

Another feature of the better wallets is that they have an external zip pocket. This will help you stay organized as all your essentials are together in one place. It is very easy to access your essentials and you will always have your phone, keys, money, cards and any other items you need with you. Many cycling wallets also come with a spacious internal pouch, which will allow you to carry a multitude of smaller items such as hand and photo frames without having them taking up too much space.

Some of the top companies producing a waterproof cycling wallet include: Silca, Pelican and Kwikset. Silca is a very popular brand with cyclists, due to the fact that it is waterproof. It also has a great design and is fairly priced. Their ziplock design which allows for air flow has been found to be highly beneficial to this company’s customers. If you are looking for a solid waterproof phone wallet, then Silca is definitely worth checking out.

If you are looking for a new cycling wallet, then the first thing to look out for is whether or not it is water resistant. Check out the designs at Craft Cadence. You will obviously want something that is both waterproof and breathable so you don’t dampen your clothes. The next thing to look out for is whether or not there are any zippers on the outside of the bag. This is important as you do not want your clothing to become damp whilst your phone and other items are inside the bag. The zipper may also give the impression that it could be strong, but if you look carefully at the Zipper, you can see that it is made from synthetic materials. This material has been found to be highly susceptible to tear, even with heavy usage.

There are two types of zippered pockets, either with one side or both. Some of these pockets are made to attach to the outside of the bag, whilst others are made to be attached to your bike handlebars. The benefit of attaching the ziplock bag to your handlebars is that you have a number of pockets that are accessible from there, rather than just one or two large pockets which are located on the outside of the bag. Many people prefer these larger pockets as they have a more streamlined look. Some of these pockets can also be used to store credit cards, whereas the smaller ones will not.


Other aspects that you should consider when buying cycling wallets are the type of straps which connect the bag to your handlebars. Some straps will hook around your waist, whereas others will hook under your arms. This is all down to personal preference. Some cyclists, such as those who cycle on their knees, may prefer the strap that hooks around your waist as this provides more comfort. If you are buying a bag which is going to be used on a regular basis then you will definitely want to invest in a good quality ziplock bag and also read here.