Realizing your loved one needs to be moved to a care home can be an emotional experience; you might feel stressed and sad but also relieved. Finding the proper care home can be an overwhelming process, but patience and organization can be incredibly rewarding. Head over to Oxa Care to find out more about aged care services.

Moving is one of the most stressful life events we can go through, so here are some steps you can take to make choosing a care home for your loved one as smooth sailing as possible. 

Take your time

Hopefully, finding a home won’t be an urgent matter, so take the time to do some in-depth research. There are many options out there, from full-time care homes to assisted living, so thinking about what level of support your loved one needs is the first step. 

Make a list of your requirements and make as many calls as needed until you find one that is closest to your list. This is a big decision and shouldn’t be rushed. 

Consider location 

The best home for your loved one might be hours away, so it’s essential to consider travel time for family and friends who want to visit. Are there transport links? Is it easy to drive to? Can the journey be made regularly? 

Sometimes it can be better to choose somewhere closer to the family’s location so that friends and family can make regular visits like the aged care facility Sydenham. Familiarity will offer a great deal of comfort to your loved one, who might find the idea of moving very daunting.

However, suppose you can’t find a suitable home close to your living location. In that case, you can look into whether the care home or assisted living facilities have video call options for virtual communication or even support writing letters (which can be very wholesome to read and wait for!). 

The home itself 

Once you’ve worked out the location, finding somewhere that feels right is essential. Consider the gardens and communal spaces and how comfortable the rooms are. It’s also important to ask what personal belongings can be brought, as some places will have stricter policies than others depending on what sort of living facility it is. For example, if your loved one can maintain a level of independence, moving somewhere like Town & Country assisted living would provide a local community, daily support, and a home to call their own. They will likely be able to bring a lot of their belongings to make their room feel like their own. There might be more restrictions if your loved one requires complete care and has limited space in their one room. 

Always listen to your instincts. You know your loved ones the most, so taking your time to choose the ideal home for them is worth it. Explore how the home makes your loved one feel as well as yourself and other family members. What impressions do you get? What is the website like? How do staff communicate with you? These are all important factors when choosing assisted living for a family member.