In order to save costs many people often choose to build a gaming computer configuration from discrete components. Doing this not only saves costs but also help gamers get the PC Gaming accordance style you want. So to build PC gaming needs what? PCBuilder will answer this, let’s track the article below!

Choose the Right Motherboard:-

To choose the best motherboard for your gaming computer, the first thing to consider is what are your requirements for your PC? When you know the requirements for your PC, the choice of motherboard has been zoned. But you also can’t arbitrarily choose the motherboard you like.  It also has to be combined with a compatible CPU.

The socket standards for AMD and Intel processors are different, so you can’t plug one company’s processor into a motherboard that supports another. So when choosing a motherboard, you also have to consider what type of CPU you intend to buy to be able to choose the right motherboard.


If looking for a gaming monitor please remember to consider whether you play FPS games or not, because if you play this type of game, you must use monitors with a refresh rate > or = 144Hz. Choose the correct size for your personal angle. If you want to adjust the height or viewing angle, choose flexibly rotated foot monitors. For multi-tasking needs, you must choose screens with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 or 32: 9 instead of the traditional 16: 9. Depending on the VGA strength to choose the right monitor, don’t force a too weak VGA to carry a 2K or 4K screen, it can’t stand it!

Graphics Card:-

Referring to gaming, it is impossible to ignore the graphics card (VGA). Simply because it will take care of handling all elements of graphics, images, effects in the game. At the present time, at the popular level we have GTX 1660 Super, RX 570, RX580 – these are the VGA models that are most appreciated by poor gamers in terms of both performance and price. And of course, if you don’t care about the cost, the RTX 2070 Super, RTX 2080 Ti or the upcoming RTX 3080 are still the ultimate weapons for a top-notch gaming computer configuration.

HDD / SSD / M.2 / PCI-E (Storage):-

You should consider when searching for storage devices for the PC gaming with some terminology to help you easily search for information. Commonly called HDD hard drive, size is 3.5inch common to desktop and laptop 2.5inch. HDD uses mechanical mechanisms, magnetism to store, drive, and spindle. HDD is cheaper and large, however, the speed of read / write slower than other hard drives.

Obvious strengths of SSDs compared to HDD speed read / write excel, not mine fragile as HDD, but the cost is too high. A 120GB SSD is priced capacity equivalent to 1 HDD 1 TB. Using technology and memory chips like SSDs, but instead the cradle with the mainboard via the power cord and data cord, M.2 is attached to the PCIe port exclusively for it. The benefit compared to SSD, M.2 speed is much faster and less space, conductor