Did you know that you’re being spied on, probably every day? How, you might ask? No one is stalking you, if that’s what you’re thinking. You’re being spied on digitally.

Every keystroke and click we perform is monitored by various software programs, such as JavaScript. They run silently without our knowledge, tip-toeing around, capturing information such as our IP address, and software and hardware information.

It’s true that we can delete the cookies and issue a new IP address, but the process begins again when we start a new activity on the internet. That’s because our browser leaves finger prints wherever we go. A browser finger print is many data points that create a device’s individual hardware and software, and its IP address.

This is where a proxy browser can come in handy. They prevent digital tracking by creating a new, seemingly-unrelated profile. It appears to others that an unrelated device has logged into a different network. This makes it harder to connect the different profiles as the same.

Increditools claims another benefit of using a proxy browser in which you can allow others to see the different profiles on your particular network. They can be accessed whether the users are in the office, at home, on a business trip, or anywhere else, for that matter. This is especially helpful since many companies have switched to a fully or almost-fully-remote operation.

As mentioned before, a browser fingerprint makes up many data points. And, the data points are able to be categorized five ways: browser data, location data, IP address, hardware, and software. Aproxy browser hides all but one category, your IP address. To cover this last piece, proxy IPs are necessary, or the Tor network, if your browser will run on that.

Aproxy browser isn’t perfect. It still has flaws and cracks. It was, after all, made by humans. And as mentioned above, an anti-detect browser doesn’t hide your IP address. Additionally, sometimes online secrecy is risked purposely, by choosing an alternate OS than the one you’re currently using. However, that isn’t a reason to give up on them. They have performed well for big-name marketers, advertisers, and merchants.

There are other weapons available in your digital arsenal besides proxy. But these browsers offer a more streamlined approach, rather than having several different devices or virtual OSs.

There are many different companies that offer proxy browser, and different price points for each ofthem. Some have free offers, such as a free trial period or up to a certain amount of free profiles. The more expensive plans create bulk accounts and sync profiles automatically, which saves you time and energy.

When deciding on which proxy to use, consider all the factors, such as the number of users on your network, what type of business you have (such as marketing), and your budget. After weighing all the options, choose the one that works best for your company. Doing so will help you feel more protected and shielded from the prying eyes on the internet.