Memes is a popular stop for Generation Y and Gen-Z that offers entertainment and fun, and also informs us frequently about what’s new. Chloes Mom Recreates Meme is one of the 10 most popular memes that has won a huge fan base in the UK and the United States.

We all remember the little girl Chloe and her astonished face that soon attacked the internet? What’s the story behind this meme and how did it turn into a craze among people? You will surely find a secret

Who is Chloe?

In today’s meme world, it’s pretty easy to forget that our favorite meme stars are real people who don’t just restrict themselves to channels and groups.

Chloes Mom recreates a meme about her little daughter Chloe years later on Halloween, donning the same face with slanted eyes. Chloe is a little girl who puts on a purple dress and casts an astonishing sidelong glance at the camera, which soon became a hit with the public.

Thanks to this meme, Chloe has become a star overnight in the UK, the United States and around the world per se.

The story behind Chloe’s meme

So, since 2010, when Chloe’s mom launched her YouTube channel, Lizzy and Chloe, the content has been highly praised. Kathy, Chloes Mom Recreates Meme years later on Halloween made viewers curious about the story.

Well, we won’t have to wait too long. We’ll reveal the secret in a few minutes.

2013 is the year

It was 2013 when the family was on a trip to Disneyland. Lizzy, Chloe’s older sister, was crying in the car, and Kathy thought she might photograph it. However, there was no intention of becoming part of the popular meme culture and theme for Chloes Mom Recreates Meme.

But during the filming, no one knew their timing would change for good. As she turned the camera from Lizzy to Chloe, Kathy caught an expression of dismay and amazement that soon caught the audience’s attention.

Fan reception

Kathy states that as soon as she sent the video, her phone started ringing non-stop. Moreover, they were greeted by huge fans who shouted out Chloe’s name for her meme about reaching Disneyland.

Chloes Mom Restates Meme: Conclusion – A Trip to Meme

Years later, she recreated the meme for Halloween, wearing the same purple top and the popular side-view camera. Like the original, this became a madness among fans on social media who were quite moved by the recreation.

What started in 2013 as sheer accidental capture turned the little girl into a famous celebrity meme and is popular to this day.

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