The Barney NFT was introduced in the Crypto market during the last week in October 2021. Barney NFT is a collection 2,000 Barney characters, drawn as a picture. Although Barney NFT didn’t pick up on the market, investors in the United States are actively looking for information about Barney NFT.

This is because the current Barney NFT price is low, and could rise in the future. You can find out more about Chinese Barney FFT here.

What’s Barney?

Barney is shown as a man gazing behind, his hands resting on his chest. The Barney characters can be made more unique by adding several attributes, creating a total of 2,000 characters.

These attributes include different backgrounds and different outfits, caps, hats, and articles in hands, characters from different professions, popular topics, sports, etc.

How does Barney work?

  • Barney NFT, which is digital artwork and pictures, must be bought and kept for a certain time. Investors must monitor inflation in the Chinese Barney price, and then sell them at the desired profit.
  • 10% of all Barney NFT purchased are given away for free
  • Barney NFT can be earned by playing the Barney card game

Founders Of Barney:

The founder of Barney NFT’s website is not public. The Barney NFT team is represented on Twitter under the handle @CryptoBarneyNFT These Twitter pages are from England.

Barney Price Stats:

  • Price –Y=272.46
  • Price In USD — $42.97
  • Price In ETH —Ks0.015
  • Lowest Floor Price — Ks0.01
  • 78.21%
  • 68.52%

Chinese Barney NFT last 7 days trend:

  • Barney –5
  • Average Price — Y=405.80
  • Trading volume — Y=2041.67
  • Trading volume in ETH — Ks2.3

Barney Supply:

  • Circulating Supplies —254 Barrney
  • Total Supply —2,000 Barrney

Barney Predictions

  • Barney NFT price predictions are currently not available.


  1. Where is the contract address for Barney?

Ans. The address to buy Barney is 0x054b947fa69Dec3600c1d8adE0be7d0baf1D326a.

  1. Which exchanges is Barney NFT listed?

Ans. Ans.

  1. Which wallets can support Barney NFT

Ans. Ans.

How do I buy Barney?

  1. Login to PancakeSwap app
  2. PancakeSwap can be linked to your digital wallet
  3. PancakeSwap: Buy Binance
  4. Send BNB to your digital bank
  5. PancakeSwap: Barney NFT
  6. Exchange BNB for Barney NFT


Barney was first launched three months ago. It was not established on the market. Barney NFT’s founders, team and website are not well-known. Within a month, the highest and lowest prices fluctuated. It is not advised to invest in this product as the RoI and price predictions are uncertain.