Kashmir is not just a location but an emotion that everyone wants to feel. Its beauty is more than the whole world’s and indeed a very special one. In a line -it’s heaven created by god on earth. Its essence is filled with mountains, snow, magnificent lakes, gardens, and whatnot, all of these together make Kashmir exceptional. There is another fantastic feature of seeing Kashmir i.e its adventure. Trekking Kashmir is the most sought-after adventure activity here in Kashmir. 

From spicy native food to long walks and treks on the mountains there is so much you might be missing if you haven’t been to Kashmir. So hurry up and plan a trip to this breathtaking spot to try all the adventures of cozy houseboats, holy pilgrimages, and temples and the list is just never-ending. On the whole, this Kashmir tour package will offer you an enjoyable vacation that will make you energetic and rejuvenated, just like how a holiday should leave you with. Here below is the checklist for Kashmir Trip. 

Check out our travel package and feel free to choose which one suits you the most :

1. Srinagar– this city is on the bank of the river Jhelum which is a really famous tourist attraction. The city is surrounded by the Himalayan ranges which give this place really calming and light vibes away from the exhausting life. If you are a nature lover then you better not forget to check out the gardens here. Some of them are the Mughal gardens and Shalimar gardens. This place has some amazing spots to try out some exciting activities such as golfing, skiing, paragliding, and a lot more.

Gulmarg– if you are a golf lover then this place is a mandatory visit for you. This city has the highest golf courses in the world. It’s filled with grass and a lot of flowers making it the perfect place for all your aesthetic pictures. This is a beautiful spot to visit so what are you waiting for?

Pahalgam– devotees from Amarnath always vouch for Pahalgam as their resting spot before reaching the final destination. It offers activities such as fishing, trekking, hiking, etc.

Jammu – also called the winter capital of Kashmir has many mountain ranges such as Shivalik ,Trikuta hills, PirPanjal range, etc whose beauty attracts everyone here. The famous Vaishnodevi is also located here so don’t miss a chance to book our package at the best price.

Here are some of the activities that will be part of your Kashmir tour packages:

1. Rafting: if you don’t get to try rafting in Pahalgam then what’s the point of coming to Kashmir? Try out this exciting activity with us in the river Lidder and Sindh.

2. Shikara ride – This is just for you to lay back and admire the ride across the lake. All you’ll get to hear will be the soft sound of the cold water and nothing else.

3. Houseboat stay – Not just the Shikara ride, but even this is one of the most enjoyable things to do that we offer you in our package. An overnight stay at this houseboat is something you simply can’t miss. So, grab your chance and book it now.

4. Gulmarg golf club – This is another offbeat activity to explore in Kashmir Playing golf between flowers and mountains can definitely be your next go-to fun-filled activity to enjoy.

These are just some of the activities mentioned, apart from this there are many more waiting on the list for you to explore. Our travel plans are exciting, refreshing, and indeed beautiful and all of this is just for you. 

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