Outdoor adventures can be fascinating and fun-filled. However, don’t answer the call unprepared. With the right tools and gear, you can get the most out of your next outdoor adventure.  Besides, experts recommend practicing with your equipment ahead to avoid backing out in the middle of your adventure. 

Whether you’re an outdoor beginner trying to stock up on supplies or a veteran outdoor enthusiast trying to diversify your gear, a monthly outdoor subscription box may be precisely what you need. 

The following are the best outdoor subscription boxes:

1.  Battlbox

Battlbox offers epic gear for top-notch tactical, survival, and outdoor adventures.  Featuring brands such as Zippo, TOPS Knives, Leatherman, Solo Stove, Gerber, and more, Battlbox tops the list as the best outdoor subscription box. It comes with several packages and subscription levels at a pocket-friendly price. 

The team hand selects each product and puts them through rigorous tests.  In addition, each Battlbox is based on a mission or theme, ranging from active shooter to repair anything. It aims to meet your budget, outdoor experience, and exposure.  

Additionally, each subscription level offers membership to equip you beforehand on the gear usage. From hobbyist to professional outdoorsman, Battlbox offers high-quality branded gear.

You can find a wide range of items in the box, such as:

  • Firestarters
  • Fixed-blade 
  • Survival tools 
  • Outdoor gear
  • Manuals
  • First aid supplies and more

2. Crate Club

Crate Club is the height of your survival supply, from first aid kits to high-quality outdoor gear.  Hand-selected by a team of professionals, this subscription offers tactical gear you will use on the front lines. Crate Club is a community of like-minded gear enthusiasts, emergency preppers, and military supporters. 

This subscription box doesn’t just ship the survival basics. You get industry-level gear from top brands like Triad Flashlights, Gerber Knives, and Vertx.  Some boxes also feature exclusive Crate Club branded gear. 

In addition, members of Crate Club get plenty of exciting perks, including an annual club party in Las Vegas or New York. 

  • EDC packs 
  • Pocket inserts 
  • tactical backpacks
  • Gerber multi-purpose tools
  • Outdoor gears
  • Firestarters
  • Outdoor essentials
  • Medical kits
  • Bulletproof bag inserts
  • Binoculars, and many more

3. Nomadik

If you’re a new adventurer who doesn’t have specific gear needs or a selection of gear yet, the Nomadik offers a well-curated monthly surprise box. The Nomadik features past and current brands such as Maountainsmith, Grand Trunk, Hydrapak, United by Blue, and more.  You get various handy products: from hammocks to hydration to lanterns and insulated bottles.

This box system keeps you equipped with what you want and use. And the subscription is customized to your preferences. 

Nomadik offers a wide range of high-quality, rugged, and affordable gear such as:

  • Third eye headlamps
  • Opinel knives
  • GrandTrunk hammocks
  • Outdoor Element
  • Firebiner multi-tool caregivers
  • Ursa Major wipes 

4. Think Outside 

Think Outside is another excellent outdoor subscription designed for kids. It is perfect for taking kids to the great outdoors. Each month, Think Outside ships seasonally-themed boxes. The first box comes with a blue, orange, or pink backpack and materials to help kids learn while enjoying the great outdoors. 

Suitable for ages seven and up, this box contains:

  • Over 24 pages of educational and activity booklets
  • Resource cards
  • Outdoor challenges
  • 35 high-quality gear that kids can add to their backpacks 

6. Postfly

Whether you are an avid fly fisherman or want to add more fun to your fly-fishing experience, Postfly offers gear for all skill levels and fishing hobbyists. The main selling point of this subscription is the Fly Guide, a monthly pamphlet filled with information about Fly fishing. You can also customize your box based on the type of fish you’re trying to catch.
This fishing subscription allows you to stock up on fishing flies without having to step into a tackle shop! Each pack contains 1,215 trout flies or 46 bath/hot or saltwater flies, and cool custom stickers.

The pack includes:

  • “The Fly Guide” pamphlet
  • Flies
  • Gear
  • Stoke


Hikewize is a premium version of a hiking-only subscription box that encourages the concept of curation by asking customers to fill out an “Explorer Profile” that informs the company of the exact type of gear that is best for each user. Furthermore, Hikewize cases offer relatively high-quality equipment from various well-established brands, as quality is more important than quantity. 

The box includes:

  • Outdoor books 
  • Water bottle
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Camping mugs

8. Barrel & Blade Level 2 

Barrel & Blade Level 2 is a subscription service specializing in premium tactics, everyday carry items, and survival gear.  This box is for those looking to dabble in survivalism. 

You can be certain that the items you receive will be helpful- from gun cleaning kits, face shields, and multitools. The best part of this subscription box is that it’s tailored to your size, preferences, and other vital information, so expect to see that when you sign up. 

To crown it all, every Barrel & Blade pack is extensively field-tested by highly trained and experienced staff (primarily former military personnel) before being sold out. The price starts at $94.

The packs include:

  • High-end knives
  • Firearms Accessories
  • Bulletproof panels
  • Binoculars
  • Backpacks

In Conclusion

Getting the best outdoor subscription box is a significant consideration when selecting outdoor subscription boxes. Depending on what you want, you have to choose which box/package suits your needs as all the boxes are unique in their ways.