Any ecommerce store is equipped with tons of products to choose from, in almost every niche. In most cases, these products are targeted towards a specific set of customers, their needs and requirements. Businesses want to profit by giving the customers what they need and are looking for. Another deliverable that falls into this category is faster and cost effective delivery. 

 Carrier bars are the most important part, because roof rack, cross bars, ski-bike carriers, car roof rack, van roof rack, truck roof rack and etc. all are connected to the vehicle through them. It must be robust and reliable so that it holds the equipment on it at high speeds.

Carpet type floor mats have very basic functions and there are big differences between other 3D, 4,5D car floor mat produced with developing technology.

The wait for one’s favorite product may end up in you losing a customer. A customer doesn’t want to wait endlessly. They want faster deliveries, free delivery or a subsidized delivery cost. As an ecommerce company, your aim should be to deliver a good customer experience along with a good quality product. Thus, ecommerce shipping prices need to be affordable and to do this you should consider looking at cheap courier services that get the job done. 

To help you find the right courier service partners for your ecommerce business, here are a few features that they must have in order for them to benefit your business. 

Features that your courier service partners should have 

If you already have your ecommerce business setup in place, then you must be aware of the next step; which is finding the right courier partner. Along with this, what your business also needs is finding an affordable courier service provider that can cater to both tier II and tier III cities as well. 

So, if you really need to narrow down your options, here are a few features that the courier service provider must possess. 

1. Real-time tracking of orders 

2. Provision for management of inventory 

3. Supervising customer queries 

4. Facility to cover insurance 

5. Ensuring overall client satisfaction 

6. Dedicated Review services 

7. Affordable & with updated shipping rates\ 

These were some of the features that might help you assess how good a courier service provider is. Along with finding the right courier partner, you also need to take into consideration the different factors that affect the shipping cost. This is important because you can get an estimate about your shipment based on these factors. That indeed helps you quote the best shipping prices to your customer. So, let us look at what these factors are, to get a sense of what you should expect. 

Factors that help you calculate shipping costs 

1. Weight of the package to be shipped 

2. The dimensions of the package

3. Details of the destination 

4. Duration of the delivery of the said package 

5. Shipment insurance 

6. Duties and taxes applicable to the package 

These are some of the factors that determine the shipping cost for you. In fact if you choose a shipping and logistics partner like Dash101, you already have a shipping calculator that estimates the cost for you. Dash101 logistics is also tied up with 8 courier partners and they deliver across 27,000+ pin codes. If you have a shipment that you want to reach anywhere in the country, you can get an estimated shipping cost by using their calculator. Not just that, they also give you the right recommendations when it comes to choosing the right courier partner to deliver your package. 

Just like Dash101, there are many other courier service providers in the country that can do the job for you, based on your requirements. Some of these companies are: 

1. BlueDart: With 85 warehouses in their kitty and a global expansion of around 220 countries, there is no reason not to love a service provider like BlueDart. 2. FedEx: They have end-to-end logistics, domestic and international service as also door-to-door delivery. They also cater to 19,000 pin codes across India. 

3. DHL: You’ve definitely seen or used DHL services at least once, to know of their services and how trustworthy they are as a courier partner 

4. Gati: They offer same day delivery and provide efficient cargo services for bigger shipments. 

5. Delhivery: They have services that validate your address for you in order to avoid fraud deliveries. Apart from this, they also look into On-Demand Delivery, Same-Day/One-Day Delivery, Time-Defined/Slot-Based Delivery, Returns Management 

As an ecommerce business, you need to choose the best delivery partner for your business, so that you can win your customer’s trust in your services. Ideally, you should opt for multiple courier partners so that you can recommend the best one for your customer. This can help you with analysing and assessing the shipping prices, the time taken to deliver and overall customer satisfaction. 

So, choose an affordable courier service provider that not just ensures quick delivery but also looks into the safety and security of your products. It is only through this that you can expect a steady growth in your ecommerce business and benefit from the same. 

Finally, take this opportunity to strategize and understand your business model and it’s needs when it comes to shipping and logistics.