The city’s tourism industry has been growing each year, and Haikou has seen a rise in its overall importance to mainland China. Even though Haikou is still relatively unknown to the world, it is gaining popularity as a tourist destination in Asia and China.

Although it used to be difficult and one-dimensional to get Cheap Flights from Haikou from the mainland, today, there are many ways to do so. Although flying is the most popular option, there are also train links that, with help from a ferry, transport hundreds of thousands of people each year to Haikou.

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There are many accommodation options in Haikou. The city’s downtown is home to a high-end hotel, but there are other options. There are some things that tourists should do when they travel around the city and enjoy it.

Haikou’s nightlife is something you should experience. Haikou is home to many great nightclubs, as well as a variety of delicious cafes and restaurants. These are the perfect places to relax after a long day. Haikou offers a wide range of nightclub options for visitors. You will find many indoor and outdoor establishments in the city.


Haikou museums and galleries tours the museums are a must-see for anyone interested in the history or culture of this charming township. There are many museums to choose from, including the Hainan Provincial Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). There is also a new museum being built near the airport. The best thing about museums in Haikou is the low price. They are often free to visit.

Visit an abalone farm. Tourism is not often associated with the term ‘abalone.’ There are many abalone farms near Haikou that provide an unforgettable day for tourists. It is easy to visit a commercial abalone farm from Haikou. Patrons might also be able to go shallow diving for abalone. You can find many abalone farms along the northeastern coast in Hainan. They are just a stone’s throw away from Haikou.


Enjoy the beaches of Haikou. Many beaches in Haikou are available for public use. There are two main beaches in Haikou, Dixie Beach, and Holiday Beach. Holiday Beach is the most popular, with many cafes, restaurants, and rentals. Dixie Beach may not be as famous, but it still has beautiful scenery and plenty of restaurants.

Take a stroll down Old Street. Haikou’s old district is full of historic architecture and traditional culture. The government has done a great job of conserving it, making it one of the essential attractions in the city. You will find many stores to shop in the area, and the food is delicious.

Natural Reserve Area

Explore the surrounding national parks. The surrounding area of Haikou is home to three national parks. The Haikou Shushan Crater Cluster National Geological Park is the most popular. It is approximately 15 km from the city center. Hongqiao Coconut Plantation, Donjae Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area, and other worthy landmarks are also worth exploring.

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The owner of the office was a tall, middle-aged man in a suit who greeted us. He glowed from ear to ear when the General Manager informed him that he had been lucky enough to be visited me. My Chinese partners never fail in their emphasis on the importance of me; it makes me essential, and it gives them “face.” However, the Master Dentist was not intimidated. He pointed quickly to one of the chairs and proudly declared that another Very Important Person had visited him today – the Mayor from Haikou. Now my turn to Oh, Ah, shake his hands and congratulate and honor him for his famous practice.

Tourism Resources

Based on the current trade situation in Hainan, two trends are evident in the development of Hainan’s tourism resources. First, focus more on the deep story of tourist resources, and second, increase the tourism-oriented product brand. The “ecotourism” has been transformed from the tourist resources. Take full advantage of Hainan Province’s increasingly mature tourism resources like Sonya, Haikou, and other attractions such as hot springs and Hainan fish treatment.