Are you having difficulty with Wordle #440 If yes, then this is the place for you. The weekend is just two days away. You don’t want your streak to end before you begin a new work week. Wordle users from across the United States of America,the United Kingdom and other countries are eagerly looking for clues. Do not panic, take six guesses and you will find the correct answer. Let’s get your weekend off to a good start with the Chardwordle.

What’s Wordle #440 about?

It is very easy to guess what the word of day is. The word of the day is more often used as an emotion. However, the answer for today can be used as an adjective to help define someone’s character. You can use the word to attract someone or make people look flattering. A third meaning is possible.

It is also used to make necklaces and bracelets. With so many definitions, it’s easy to guess which word. Isn’t it? This word rhymes also with the Chardwordle. Answer to the second September Wordle is: CHARM.

Hints to help with the identification of the keyword

You must follow all the clues and hints carefully to win these captivating puzzles. These clues will assist you in finding the right answer.

  • Five letters make up the word.
  • There is only one vowel in between the terms.
  • The trick is to find the right piece of bracelet or necklace.
  • It’s used to lure someone.

You don’t have to complete the Wordle immediately. Take your time to solve Chard . The Chard Wordle is a casual puzzle. It can take you up to 24 hours to solve it correctly.

As you only have six chances of winning the game, write down your guesses. You can’t end your streak if you make hasty choices or rush. It might include repeated words or a word you’ve never used before.

Wordle archives – Remember to memorise

You should remember to take notes and memorize the answers to any puzzles you have played in the past. You can remember as many words you want to because this will help you find your answer. The Chard Wortle doesn’t repeat the letters. Instead of looking for the answer in the past, you’ll be able to get them right away. These last words will provide you with fun solutions to the problem.

The past Wordle puzzles can be solved here:



Charm was once called the centerpiece of necklaces or bracelets. Many people confuse the word charm with Chard Wortle. You don’t have to be disappointed if you can’t find the answer. Instead, focus on the clues.