Office 365 has several business applications, characteristics, and advantages that you either may not know or you may not be used to their full potential. To assure you are not missing out, here are 5 significant characteristics for Office 365 if you are looking to Migrate Email to Office 365:

1. Mobile Applications

When you buy Office 365, you also obtain access to its mobile applications as well as browser applications, which signifies you can access Office 365 on your mobile phone on the go. Although, you do not have to download Office software on your computer to get this access.

You only have to do to access Office 365 on your smartphone or tablet is download the Microsoft Office 365 mobile app and you can have access to all your Office 365 application subscriptions on your phone. This implies that you will be able to work on Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, etc. without your PC.

2. PDF Editing and Conversion

All businesses have to use PDFs frequently. Fortunately, the newest version of Office 365 makes it simpler than ever to modify and convert PDFs instantly in Office 365. This characteristic is amazingly intuitive and smooth. All you have to do to modify a PDF is convert it into a Word document and then make your changes. Or you can directly save a Word document as a PDF.

3. Connect with Skype

If you want more reliable ways to communicate within an organization, an Office 365 characteristic can help. All Office 365 applications include a Skype in-app linking method. This suggests that you can instantly message your teammates, screen sharing, or make audio/visual calls. All without ever having to stop the Office app or switch screens. Additionally, you can also use a Cloud Azure Virtual Desktop to increase the productivity of your work.

4. Design Outlook Calendar Events Efficiently

If you work on OneNote, you know that one thing that would be valuable is to be able to instantly convert tasks into due dates on your Outlook calendar. You can do that efficiently in Office 365. Directly configure OneNote elements to input tasks in your calendar and then distribute that task to the relevant user, attach a follow-up reminder, or select a due date. There is also an Office 365 characteristic that enables you to migrate meeting notes from OneNote to your team through email. This way you assure all users are on the same page.

5. Office 365 Planner

Keep your team coordinated and assure the workflow is on target with the latest Office 365 Planner characteristic. This characteristic gives a visual overview of your workflow, so you can organize your team’s bandwidth more efficiently. It makes it easy to design game plans, distribute tasks, follow up on to-dos, create due dates, give updates, and share files all with the help of a simple dashboard. Teammates can even create email alerts for modifications to the Planner.

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