Growth of the audiovisual industry in recent years in Latin America has allowed the emergence of many AV integration companies that must face great challenges. In this article, we have elaborated various aspects and challenges involved with AV Integration Company.

We know that there are many formats of audiovisual integration companies in Latin America; there are small and medium-sized ones, there are large-format ones, as well as divisions within a larger organization, and even family businesses; they are in all possible formats.

The main challenge is always the same: The Staff.

Achieve long-term maintenance of trained, reliable, responsible, high-performing, well-presented, and satisfied with their work staff; these are true challenges that are presented to all Managers or Owners in audiovisual integration companies in Latin America.

In most cases, when we manage to find responsible and trustworthy personnel, they do not necessarily have the level of AV system integration training or knowledge necessary to achieve an appropriate performance within the functions required for their position AV system integrator.

Considering important aspects of AV Integration Company

That is why we would like to mention a series of important aspects that must be taken into account when considering the necessary positions in an audiovisual integration company, as well as the profile of each position, and the description of functions of each position.

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First let’s look at the three main basic areas that a typical audiovisual company requires:

Sales (Commercial Area)

The commercial area is without a doubt the primary area of ​​the company, often called the battle area; because it is here where not only sales are generated, but also all the technical and administrative needs of the company.

The commercial area is responsible for generating and developing project sales, attracting new clients, and mainly maintaining old and current clients. In other words, business executives are the face of the company.

That is why it is essential that the commercial area maintain a solid and extensive database of all clients, of all the projects developed with each client, even if they are only contacts. 

In many projects there is more than one important contact, since in addition to the owner of the project, there are very important contacts such as the architect, the resident engineer of the work, the purchase manager, and why not, even the warehouse manager. .

Other important contacts that should be included in the project database are all those directly or indirectly related to our audiovisual project: the construction company, the electrical company, the electro-mechanical company, and above all, very importantly, the company in charge of the supervision of the work, which in most cases are the ones who receive the system at the end of the project.

It is practically the exclusive responsibility of the commercial area to feed, maintain and update the database, but above all to maintain good commercial relations with each one of those involved in a project; before, during and after it.

Activities scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis such as calls, visits or informative emails, are an integral part of the functions of the commercial area; making effective use of the database. The best client is a satisfied client, this will undoubtedly bring us new projects, in the near future or in the distant future.

Let’s not forget that a very important type of sales for any AV integration company is the sale of maintenance contracts; which are often negotiated when the installation guarantee expires, or the product guarantee.

Maintenance contracts generate important income for audiovisual companies, generating a fixed monthly income from existing clients, thus preventing other companies in the field from stealing that client that cost us so much to develop.

Engineering and facilities (technical area):

The technical area is a mystery to many, and that is why I would like to emphasize its various components, since we can divide it into four basic groups:

a. Design (Pre-Sale)

b. Programming (Post-Sale)

c. Project Managers (Post-Sales)

d. Installations (Post-Sale)

Audiovisual Designers play a primary role in audiovisual projects, since they must be able to configure and prepare the solutions that the Commercial Area requires, according to the needs of each client and each specific project; considering that many of the designs and proposals presented will not be implemented, so this is a full-time job.

Audio Video – Modern System Concepts

Designers in an audiovisual integration company must have extensive knowledge in audio solutions, with extensive knowledge in Acoustics and Electro-Acoustics; as well as master all the concepts related to video (resolutions, formats, aspect ratios, image sizes, etc). But they must also have extensive knowledge in automation and control systems, lighting control and curtains, and above all master all the concepts related to Ethernet networks; pillar of any audiovisual system today.

In general, more than one designer is required for the development of a proposal, since each of the required areas: audio, video, control and networks; they are distinct specializations, and rarely can a designer be considered an expert in these four categories. If you have a designer who is an expert in these four categories, consider offering them a financial bonus for each completed project in a sale; It is without a doubt the greatest asset of your company.

In many companies it is considered that it is the commercial area that should prepare the designs and proposals, but let us remember that the Sales Representatives have another series of important activities, and they do not necessarily have to be experts in all the subjects related to audio, video, monitoring and networks.

One of the important requirements for all designers is the domain of drawing programs such as autoCAD, since all diagrams, designs and others must be documented in digital files and printed in autoCAD templates. If the volume of autoCAD drawings in your company is high enough, it is advisable to hire one or more experienced draftsmen.

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