Memorial Day is a time of patriotism, bravery, and patriotism. For a few days a year, Memorial Day is a day given to remember deceased war veterans. Flags are flown high and people wear bright colors on this Memorial Day to show that they haven’t forgotten about our modern-day heroes.

Cookouts are the most common thing to do during Memorial Day. Perhaps this Memorial Day you’d like to do something different than the average cookout?

Let’s take a look at these seven ways to celebrate Memorial Day!

Celebrate Memorial Day with Your Family

Memorial Day is a time for families to show their appreciation for the U.S. military. Here are 7 ways your family can honor fallen servicemen and women on Memorial Day:

1. Spend Time Reflecting at a War Memorial

Spending time reflecting at a war memorial during Memorial Day is a great way to honor the fallen. Many war memorials are open to the public and are a solemn reminder of all the sacrifices that were made.

There are many ways to spend time reflecting. One idea is to sit and read the names on the memorials. This allows us to pay our respects while also learning more about the people who fought and died in service to our country.

Additionally, other activities, such as laying wreaths and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, can be done as a group in order to show solidarity and honor the individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Every person’s way of reflecting is unique and everyone will have found special ways to show their appreciation and respect for our country’s veterans.

2. Commemorate Those Who Served with a Small Gift

Commemorating those who served on Memorial Day can be done in a number of ways, but one unique idea is to give a small gift. A thoughtful gift or gesture will honor their legacy and provide comfort to those they have left behind.

Perhaps you could give a card or a small memento in recognition of the fallen. You can also donate money or supplies to a charity of your choice or suggest a way to honor veterans for a school project or other community-wide event. You can even send care packages to a current or former military member or donate to an organization that provides support and services to veterans.

You could also give military personnel trinkets that will help them remember who they’re fighting for. Such trinkets include bracelets, rings, or military saint necklaces.

3. Participate in a National Memorial Service

One way to honor the fallen on Memorial Day is to participate in a national memorial service. These services are usually presented in a variety of venues, from digital to physical gatherings in large cities and small towns.

At this service, civilians come together to honor the fallen, share stories about those who have passed away, and offer remembrances. Depending on the venue, there may be musical performances, a flag ceremony, and a remembrance of veterans and those who gave the ultimate sacrifices.

In addition, you may raise funds for veterans groups, support local non-profits that work on veteran issues, and attend local ceremonies and programs.

Participating in a National Memorial Service is a great way to honor the fallen and show respect and appreciation to those who have served.

4. Decorate Your Home in Red, White, and Blue

One of the best ways to celebrate and honor Memorial Day is to decorate your home in red, white, and blue. This is a small but meaningful gesture of appreciation for those who have sacrificed their lives while fighting for our freedom.

For the exterior, you can hang an American flag on your walls or on your fence and use patriotic light colors in your yard. You can also place red, white, and blue ribbons on your plants.

For the interior of your home, you can decorate your walls with patriotic images and place desk flags on flat surfaces. You could also find patriotic table runners to complete the look.

5. Commemorate Memorial Day with a Moment of Silence

One way to commemorate Memorial Day is to display a flag and gather with friends and family in silence. This way members of the community can gather together to pay their respects.

Another way to celebrate in silence is to hold a “Candlelight Vigil” during the evening hours as a way to remember those who have fallen in service to our country. Ask everyone to bring a candle and light it as a symbol of patriotism and respect for the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

6. Create a Memory Wreath to Honor the Fallen

Celebrate Memorial Day by creating a memory wreath to honor the fallen. This provides a way to remember and celebrate the lives of fallen service members and veterans.

A memory wreath can be handmade or purchased and customized with photos, badges, symbols, and messages from loved ones. Additionally, include flags and items that signify the rank and service of the fallen.

Hang the memory wreath up in an outdoor space to create a beautiful display that can be seen throughout the city.

7. Enhance Your Knowledge of Conflict and Sacrifice Through Education

Spend time learning about the history of Memorial Day and our country’s past wars.

Consider visiting historical sites around the country related to the war and the sacrifices of those who gave their lives. Read literature on the subject and talk to people who have served in the military, who can share their firsthand perspectives on the subject. Participate in parades and ceremonies that celebrate Memorial Day and the heroes who fought for our country.

Never Forget Their Sacrifices

We can all join together to honor and remember those who have fallen in the service of our country. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate Memorial Day and thank those who have made ultimate sacrifices for our freedom and safety. From visiting a war memorial to educating yourselves about their sacrifices, let’s all remember them this Memorial Day.

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