The ninth standard is a crucial standard for every student. This is because, when you are in class 9, you are so close to giving your board examinations. Class 9 is the class where one should start preparing completely for their 10th standard board examinations. Everyone wants to score good marks in their boards’ exam and so they target scoring above 90% even in their ninth standard. Now, most students start panicking thinking that the 90% mark is too high to achieve, but in reality, it is not so. There is a technique to learning and preparing for an examination. If you follow the technique and prepare for your exam accordingly, you will easily be able to score 90% and above. Discussed below are few tips to score 90% and above on your class 9 Hindi exam. Keep reading to know more.

Preparation Tips

Let us take a look at some preparation tips that will help you score good marks in your class 9 Hindi exam.

  • The first step to scoring good marks in an examination is to pay attention in class and listen to what is being taught by the teacher. Class 9 is a class where it is very important to understand what you are learning. If you understand the basics of your Hindi, then it will be easier for you to write your answers in the examination. By understanding what is being taught in class, you will be able to understand clearly what is being asked in the examination question and answer accordingly.
  • The next step is to read the textbook thoroughly. Reading your NCERT Hindi textbook for class 9 will help you a lot. The stories and poems in your literature textbook are interesting to read. All the stories and poems are unique and meaningful in their own way. Reading them will teach you a lot. Once you read each and every line carefully, you will understand what the story or poem is all about.  Once you understand the basics of a chapter, it will be easier for you to attempt the questions and accurately answer them.
  • After getting a clear idea of the basics, you should get a reference book. Some books summarize every chapter in such a way that it becomes easier to grasp what a chapter is about. A reference book, along with summarizing a chapter, lists down all the key points that you need to remember in a chapter. If you remember the key points, then during an examination, it becomes easier to elaborate on a single point. In this way, writing answers in an examination become easier. If one follows a proper reference book, then they do not need to read a single chapter of the textbook again and again to grasp everything that is written in the chapter. If you read a reference book, you will be able to grasp the concept of the chapter in a better way. Once you get to grasp the concepts of a chapter perfectly and memorize the main key points of that chapter, you will have no trouble forming and writing the perfect answers.
  • Now, this is another most important thing after understanding the basics. The thing is- practice. Practicing regularly will help you remember every chapter and everything important in a chapter. In the next points, we are going to discuss the best ways to practice your Hindi for class 9 so that you can score above 90%.
  • The first thing you should practice is to form clear sentences with correct spellings. Your sentences should be simple and should easily convey to the reader what you are trying to say. You will be able to do this if you have a clear understanding of the chapter the question is from. To practice writing answers, you should complete all the textbook exercises first. The textbook exercises will give you an idea as to what the exam questions would look like. Therefore, practicing those questions would be a good first step. Also, an additional thing that you need to practice is spellings. Try memorizing all the difficult spellings and then write them down without looking at your textbook. Marks can be deducted in your exam for wrong spellings. Hence, it is very important to remember and write the correct spellings while writing your answers in an examination.
  • Moving along, we are going to talk about solution books. There are certain books available related to a specific subject, that provides chapter-wise questions along with the solutions. If you are following an NCERT textbook, there are several legit questions with solutions for NCERT Hindi available as reference books or on several websites. One such website is Vedantu where you can get class 9 Hindi solutions for free. Just go to Google and search for CBSE class 9 Hindi solutions
  • Now that we have covered the literature portion of class 9 Hindi, let us come to the language part. Getting marks in the Hindi language is easier than getting marks in Hindi literature. As the Hindi language is all technical and conceptual, you can get only one right answer, and if you get that, the marks are yours. So yes, coming back to concepts again. For this, read your textbook thoroughly and if you face any doubts, definitely ask your teacher about that. No one can stop you from scoring full marks in the grammar section if your concepts are clear.
  • Lastly, let us tell you about essays which are a crucial part of Hindi. The only way to score good marks in an essay is to practice. You cannot memorize all the essays there were ever written because you wouldn’t know what you will get in your exam. An essay is not about concepts. All you need to do to learn an essay is to select a topic and practice writing. 


Scoring 90% and above in your class 9 Hindi examination is not at all a big deal. Just one last piece of advice is that, do not get nervous after you receive your exam question paper. Be calm and read each question and answer. By following the tips above, you will definitely get above 90% in your class 9 Hindi exam.