As a student, you are bound to feel overwhelmed with the various ads, from various companies claiming that they are the best there is, when it comes to crash courses and sample papers for your CBSE boards. And even a simple Google search for ‘CBSE class 10’ should make this apparent. You would have to deal with various companies outselling the same old spiel that they are the best there is, when it comes to CBSE class 10 boards. 

It is bound to make you feel overwhelmed and that’s why you need to pay attention to these tips. These tips are designed to help you succeed in your exams and not just in selecting the right crash course.

  • Defeat yourself: Granted preparing for the board exams is not meant to be easy. It is a process that is meant to test you to the best of your abilities. One tip that you can utilize from day one is to defeat yourself. It’s a game where you push yourself to perform better than you ever had in the recent past. Apart from the boost to self confidence, you would be better prepared for the board exams. Basically you need to push yourself to set a target, one which you can focus on.
  • NCERT matters: When it comes to prepping for the 10th boards, it is always essential to stick with the NCERT issued text books. These textbooks have been developed by the CBSE boards, and are the best there is, come exams. So quite aping others and using heavy, reference books. Such books are useful, when it comes to competitive exams post 10th and 12th grade and not for the actual board exams itself. You may want to consider the point that no out of syllabus question has ever appeared in the 10th and 12th boards.
  • Self assess your weak points: Everyone is weak in certain subjects, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Just assess yourself at periodic intervals, review your answers and mark down your weak areas. You may want to note these down to review the same periodically. You can ascertain if you have managed to transform your weak points into strong areas and determine if you are committing the same mistakes, under similar pressure and circumstances. 
  • Time management: You are preparing for your 10th boards, and time management is the key to your success. For starters, you may want to sleep for 6 hours a day, instead of eight as that should save you an additional two hours. Moreover, several studies have proved that it is worthwhile to study tougher subjects like Chemistry and economics in the morning, as you tend to retain the facts longer. 
  • Self study: It is just a few more months to your boards, and while crash courses are important, you may also want to self study during the last three months. It is a no brainer that you would end up retaining content more effectively than you would by attending a coaching class. 
  •  Divvy up the time equally: It is essential that you divide the time equally between all your subjects and that you do not concentrate just on the ones that you are good at. This should enable you to score a high overall score and a good rank in the process.
  • Sample papers: Yes, the entire student body needs to realize that working with current and old sample test papers is your best bet, when it comes to topping your exams. And given the current changes that have been incorporated into the CBSE mode of testing, it is all the more essential that you work on these sample question papers. It should help you familiarize yourself with the new assessment pattern, as well as the new MCQs. The multiple choice questions would all be based on the new syllabus. But familiarizing yourself with the new assessment mode can help you save precious minutes, which you can use to focus on the harder questions.
  • Study rigorously: It goes without saying that you would need to prepare rigorously for your boards. You would need to attempt actual CBSE board sample test papers. And while attempting these papers, please try and recreate the similar conditions that you are bound to face in the exam hall. This can help you deal with any pressure or last minute nerves.
  • Work on various sample papers: Sample test papers are essential, when it comes to preparing for the boards. More importantly, try to allow yourself adequate time so that you are able to attempt 10 or 20 test papers. This should familiarize you with the question patterns, and should in the process, make you all the stronger for it. More than that, it should help you work out the question patterns, the difficulty level and the marking pattern per section. This should enable you to strategize accordingly.
  • Pay attention to English: Most CBSE students tend to pay attention to other subjects, from math to biology. Few rarely pay attention to English, and that’s a huge mistake especially when you are sitting for your boards. Scoring high on English can act as a score booster and enable you to score well enough to secure the top rank. For example, writing legible answers in English can help you secure an additional 5 marks in your 10th boards.
  • Handwriting matters: It goes without saying that a clean and legible answer sheet can help you score more and even net you an additional 5 to 10 marks. And that may make all the difference between 89.9% and 90%. And you would need to work on your handwriting as well, to ensure that it is perfect. 

These are the tips that you would have to pay attention to, when it comes to your boards. And never forget the question bank as they have proved to be quite invaluable. Just remember that these are your CBSE 10th boards, and a good score can help you get admitted into the subject stream that you’re looking for. If you want to try your luck and meet with amitabh bachchan then participate in KBC Jio Lottery Registration 2021 and meet him in next season. Good luck.