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Do you love the army? Are you looking to purchase gear for your army career? We hope so that you are able to get the points that you need to stay connected.

We all know that army personnel have a good outlook so they are keen to purchase unique outfits online. Many ecommerce platforms offer a selection related to army personnel.

We are going to tell you all about the Onwardresearch website. It claims that it has stuff for army professionals, such as gear and accessories.

You can now read the URL of the website and review the reviews.

About Onwardresearch

Onwardresearch offers an online shopping experience for army personnel. The website sells gear and accessories in all countries, even the United States .

You can find items that look amazing and at affordable prices here. However, before you pay any money, make sure you are familiar with the payment options. They are all available on the portal so take your time.

We must ensure that the website we are purchasing products online is legitimate: Is Legit?

The Most Important Points About

  • The company has shared the email support for any questioning, i.e., [email protected].
  • The URL of the website is
  • You can also see the phone number on the platform: 844 469 6222.
  • The company mentioned its location: 10011 bridge portway SW Ste 1500 #286 Lakewood WA 98499
  • It also offers the services of a subscription.
  • Each item served by the company is unique.
  • We looked into social media but the site doesn’t have any pages so we couldn’t see how the company could be publicized.
  • It is not common for users to mention their Reviews anywhere portal, so it’s worth verifying.
  • Within 14 days of receiving your items, you can request a refund, return or exchange. This is the website’s policy on refunds.
  • You can pay online with stripe, paypal or master card.
  • Because it is equipped with security certificates from various protocols, the podium is completely safe.


  • They can be reached directly as all required communication channels have been listed on the URL. There is no problem in communication.
  • The items are very professional looking and elegant so make sure to take Reviews at least once.
  • It claims to offer 100% safety payments so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Cons of

  • It offers very few items.
  • Google Maps does not show the available company address. It looks fake and misguided.
  • The feedback of the shopper can be used to verify the podium, but there are no lines so it is difficult.
  • It is quite limited in terms of data. There aren’t all the points.

Is Legit Or Not?

  • Websites are not new in the internet age. It was established on 16/09/2020.
  • The website will close on 16/06/2028
  • This portal has a trust rank of 58.8 out of 100, which is quite good.
  • The trust index is a database that the website maintains.
  • Past users have not left any reviews.
  • There is not much publicity or activity on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.
  • It is copied from other websites, so the website’s content has very little.
  • There are no details about founders available.

It is difficult to say that it is reliable due to the lack of feedback.

User’s Reviews provides gear and accessories for army professionals.

We went on the internet to verify its existence. Unfortunately, there was not one output from the last user. So, for us, it is quite normal to conclude that the podium exists. We can now wait for the reviews.

If you’re planning on buying, please be aware of the links for saving your credit card amount.

Final Verdicts

We can end this post by using major items for professional army gear, accessory, etc. No customer’s reviews, wrong company address or few items, and so forth. Check out how to get your money from a PayPal scam.

Please use the chat box to let us know if you’re using an item from Onwardresearch.