Want to feel a different holiday experience with a touch of nature and wildlife on it? You should get yourself to Jurong Bird Park. This conservatory for birds is provided by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) will give you the best things about meaningful and memorable wildlife experiences by it’s biodiversity.

Jurong Bird Park is one of most visited aviary and tourist attractions in Singapore. Located in Jurong, Singapore, the bird park covers an area of 0.2 square kilometres (49 acres) full of attraction that will give you valuable experiences.

Not only can you come to see the species of birds across the world, but also you can do many activities in Jurong Bird Park. Don’t worry, take your time and we’ll list it for you.

Get Close Up with Birds at the Wildlife Tours

The first thing you must do is get yourself a Wildlife Tours. These specially-made tours provide you two kinds of tours that you can enjoy with your family, there are the Private Buggy Tour and Bird’s-Eye Tour.

You can choose to join the Private Buggy Tour with your five family members and enjoy the bird exhibits and enjoy the VIP treatment alongside a reserved special show only for you.

Want to take a close up with the bird? You can choose the Bird’s-Eye Tour and meet African Hornbills for an intimate experience. You can also get in touch with other species in the breeding and research center in Jurong Bird Park.

Want to Feed the Flamingos or Penguin? Go ‘Feed the Animals’

In Jurong Bird Park, you can do unusual things. What is it about? Yes, you can feed the Flamingos and Penguins at the Feed the Animals activities. You will get closer and take a look when your food gets eaten by the species of the birds.

You will get a special entry to get acquainted with some birds, such as Flamingos, Penguins, Pelicans, and other birds during their feeding sessions. Don’t worry, the birds won’t eat your hand because they always love the food from you.

Get to Know More about Birds by Chit-Chat with the Keepers

By this intimate Chit-Chat with the Keepers activity in Jurong Bird Park, you can get to learn more about birds and their personality. How come? Yes, with warmth and informative keepers you will feel the closure and befriend the birds.

Keepers will give you opportunities to chat with them while the birds eat in feeding sessions. You can enjoy informative and entertaining keepers in Penguin Encounter and Pelicans or Hornbill Chit-Chat.

Well-Spent Holiday at ‘Holiday Camps’

Best thing about Jurong Bird Park is you can spend your whole holiday by joining the Holiday Camps activity. Just forget the classrooms and skip the homework to feel the unforgettable moment in wildlife full of birds.

Only for you and your kids, Jurong Bird Park provides you a perfect learning environment and an amazing world of birds that you cannot get elsewhere.

Want to get yourself and family to Jurong Bird Park? Get your ticket and prepare for your unforgettable holiday at Traveloka for special prices and best hospitality. We’ll wait for you and your family. So, see you at the Jurong Bird Park.