If for once, we had fun reliving the time of an evening, the special atmosphere of a casino room! We could slip into the skin of James Bond, less the stunts, but the three-piece suit and more, or Eva Green in the film Casino Royale to electrify the guests and win with superb roulette!

After all, the biggest names in poker have played for a long time in their furnished basement, like Philippe Bouvard with the luck at games that we know him! Simply armed with a Poker case with 500 chips, 6 decks of 52 cards for Blackjack or a rake to win the bet, our living room could technically be transformed into a makeshift casino in no time at all, while are we waiting to get started and fleece friends and family at gambling ?

Step 1: Choose the Casino Style

All occasions are good for letting off steam, but birthday parties are particularly suitable for rejoicing in a good atmosphere among friends. But for all that, should our ersatz casino be an exact copy of Las Vegas casinos? It all depends on whether you are an occasional player or a connoisseur! If for us, playing slot machines at non GamStop casinos at justuk.club is a habit, we will want to win every time, especially since we are supposed to receive that same day a whole bunch of birthday presents as great bonuses and not only a bottle of champagne as a consolation prize!

For moviegoers, it’s best to stay on familiar ground, and improvise yourself as a set designer or costume designer for action or spy films dear to Martin Scorsese, by making or renting fashionable outfits for each guest. Appointing a croupier also seems appropriate, a person who will have the voice to shout “place your bets” and who will know how to animate a game of European Roulette in the strictest respect of games of chance. The Austrian brand Piatnik manufactures roulette models faithful to the originals as well as playing cards, and even divinatory cards: useful for knowing who will win the jackpot!

Between sophisticated evening and good casual, there is room but also limits that can be crossed, such as creating an online Facebook event, screen printing flyers related to the theme of the evening. Whether it’s the heyday of Las Vegas in the 1960s, or the atmosphere of 19th century saloons that were the world’s first gambling halls, when you’re an artist, all doors open including those of trendy gaming clubs.

If we have in our closet an old Monopoly game with tickets, a green tablecloth on which to draw boxes and numbers, rudimentary tokens, a good pinch of imagination without forgetting drinks in moderation, that can also be appropriate. , the main thing is to have fun as if you were there!


Firstly, casino parties are completely legal no worries whether you want to play with counterfeit money or real money. Second, it won’t take much from you and it won’t cost you either. Decorating the venue to look like an illegal casino gives the gaming experience a forbidden pleasure. Imagine that you are playing in an illegal casino and you get $10,000 after a quick poker round; Of course, you will feel so much fun even if you are playing at your house or at your friend’s house! In order to be able to choose the right theme, you first have to decide what type of games are suitable for all the participants. You can also let the novices and the curious try out some simple games or recommend them to one of the non GamStop casinos.


Decoration is the key to any event and as always we will try to keep things as simple as possible. First, you need a red carpet to lay in the entrance corridor. Second, remove all clocks from the walls. Third, prepare a suit and tie for the dealer!

Step Two: Getting Into the Game

The advantage of poker games is that it quickly becomes exciting for everyone! However, it must be ensured that the eliminated players can continue to play even if it is another game. If enough space has been provided to circulate between the tables set up as various strategic points, and enough games of casino, everything should work… like clockwork!

Running out of ideas, it is always possible to fall back on dice games! Between Craps, English Chuck-a-luck, and Sic Bo, we are spoiled for choice. And in the absence of dice, the ossicles which are its ancestors can also be suitable, if you have a taste for authenticity! You can even invest in the excellent “Dice Forge” board game where you have to collect victory points to build your own dice: ideal for guests who fancy board games.

In times of breaks and refreshments, why not showcase our favorite online slots at non GamStop casinos on mobile or PC, especially if it’s themed? There are plenty of them on the burgeoning iGaming market, such as the lucrative “Buffalo Power Hold and Win” and its Wild West setting, or the explosive “Tombstone” from NoLimit City and its prestigious “Manhattan Wild” slot.

The secret to a successful “dummy casino” evening also lies in the background music, soft like jazz or catchy like country music, or even in the dimmed lights or worthy of the sparkling Las Vegas celebrated in the Neon Museum. So, don’t hesitate any longer if you too want to take part in the game!