Do you receive messages claiming that rewards are available for taking the Cash App Survey online? Don’t click the link, it’s a scam.

Cash App users in the United States receive messages with a link to messenger. The link is provided to allow recipients to complete the survey online. It is a new online scam and should be avoided.

Scammers claim it’s the Cash app 10th Anniversary Survey and that upon completion they will receive rewards. It is a scam that should be avoided.

What’s a Cash App?

Square Cash Inc. is the operator and owner of Cash App, a registered mobile payment service. The mobile app allows users to send and receive money, save money, and spend it. It’s a mobile banking app that is fast, free, and secure.

This mobile application is available in the UK as well as the United States. To date, 36 million users have registered for the app. The first service was launched in 2013 on the 15th of October. In 2015, services were made available to businesses. In 2018, BitCoin trading was added to the platform’s offerings.

The Truth Of Cash App 10th Anniversary Survey Scam

Already mentioned, the Cash App message with the survey link is a scam that is currently being circulated on messengers. This claim is supported by many factors. Let’s examine why this claim is fraudulent.

  • Cash App, the mobile payment platform that was originally released under Square Cash in 2013, is now known as Cash App. The application was launched in 2013. It is therefore only eight years old. It is therefore not possible to send the 10th anniversary survey link when the company has only eight years. The Cash App 10th Anniversary Survey email is a fraud.
  • Users have commented that the message appears to be a scam using the Cash App logo. Some users clicked the link to complete the survey online. After answering the question, nothing happens. It conducts an IP search to determine if you are on good IP. Users do not receive any rewards or other benefits for taking the survey.
  • The company has not confirmed any messages regarding the 10th Anniversary Survey, so it appears that this is a new online scam.

What Do Recipients Of Messages Say?

We analyzed the comments received from Cash app 10th Anniversary Survey messages. According to their comments, the survey was free and there are no gifts or rewards after the survey has been completed.

They confirmed that they received a message with the Cash App logo, and a suspicious link. They are then asked to click on the link to complete the survey online. After they complete the survey, IP Search is initiated. Within a few minutes they receive a message confirming that they have good IP.

It seems to be a scam, and it should be avoided.


Cash App is the popular mobile banking application that is safe, fast, and secure. Scammers have been sending Cash app 10th Anniversary Survey messages randomly to victims to steal their personal information. This message is being distributed via a messenger app that has the logo of Cash App. You should delete any scam messages you receive and do not click on any links or share your information.

Are there any new developments regarding the scam message you received? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.