The debate between Carshield and Carchex seems too obvious that Carchex is ahead of the game. However, there have been several topics about this issue that make the debate seldom come to an end. The question of who is better than who. First, before getting to know more about who is better than the other, you need to know about extended warranties. What is an extended warranty? An extended warranty is an extension to the factory warranty that comes in once the factory warranty expires. 

Once your factory warranty is done, you are left to bear all repair and replacement expenses by your own self. Well, this might sound normal and easy but that will not be the case. Some of these repair expenses could be too high to meet. Do you wish to see your car run for long and in tip-top shape? then an extended warranty will work for your car. With that brief introduction about extended warranties, let’s now head into the head-to-head clash between these two might extended warranty providers.

Both Carshield vs Carchex are well-known and reputable companies. The two have been in the market for quite a while with not less than two decades for both of them. To be in the industry for that long, you need to be consistent and have a driving force behind you. Quality service is what these two companies offer to the customers and ensure that all customer’s needs are met. As it is the norm, when two bulls take on each in a fight, there must be a winner and a loser. In this context, however, the fight seems not to be ending any tie soon. Whereby, the argument on which company is the best between Carshield versus CARCHEX is not concluding. But this article will try as much to offer viable information concerning this matter.

Having been in existence for a very long time now, these two companies have grown tremendously over the years and are continuing to win people’s hearts. Both offer amazing and exemplary services that are nothing but excellent. This means that two perform just right. But the must only be one that is slightly better than the other. To get an inside look into these particular issues, several factors will guide us through. These factors are will be a comparison between Carshield versus Carchex.

1. Number of plans and coverage.

Extended warranties just like any other services or products come in a different type of plans form which you can choose from. These plans range from the simple or basic ones to the complex or premium ones. Coverage is also another factor considered here since these different types of plans have different coverage. Coverage is just the amount of parts that can be included in a plan. The two offer amongst the best plan just perfect for any type of car model. Whether you have a new car or an old one, you count on them.

Car shield comes with over 6 plans. The plans have each a different coverage extent form which you can choose from. Below is a list of the plans.

DiamondThis is the mother of all plans since it covers all major parts of a car. It is mostly associated with covering cars that are still fresh and new. 
PlatinumIf your car has high mileage, then platinum might be the best plan to choose. It covers cars with a high mileage and ones that seem to needs repairs at most.
GoldIt can be referred to as a powertrain plus. It covers powertrain parts and the inclusion of other parts like the fuel pump.
SilverThis can act as a power train warranty since it covers the powertrain part at most. That is; Engine, transmission, axle, differentials, camshaft, and crankshaft. 
AluminumCover a car electronic component such as; Radio, air conditioning system, and audio components.
Motorcycle and ATV.Covers motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Besides that, Carchex cannot be left behind. It comes with a lower number of plans. That is 5 and is much more flexible as they cover both complex and basic parts in a car.

TitaniumIt is the largest of all plans offered by Carchex. It covers entirely all major car parts. Here is a list of exclusions. Wear and tear parts (brake pads, clutch plates, and tires).
SilverAssociated in covering technological parts in a car such as electronic components.
GoldCovers high-mileage vehicles in most cases.
BronzeThis is a basic plan and covers mostly powertrain parts.
PlatinumFollow after titanium and covers generally major parts in a car. Unlike other plans, its covered parts are usually indicated in the contract papers.

2. Cost.

Every other person in the world will always love to shop with a budget. With a budget, you are guaranteed proper account management. When you live in such a manner, you cannot just wake and decide to spend the money without considering the budget limit. When shopping for extended warranties, many will prefer to choose a provider who offers extended warranties at a reasonable and fair price. Despite extended warranties that will save you in the future from costly repairs, it does not make them be sold at high prices. Carchex and Carshied try as much as possible to offer appealing and just rates on its plans and deductibles.

Costs of plans between Carshield vary with the type of plans. Below is a summary of the prices of some plans offered by the two;


Warranty plan.Duration.Deductible.Cost.


Warranty plan.Duration.Deductible.Cost.
Titanium6 years/250,000 miles$100$180/18 months
Platinum5 years/100,000 miles$100$156/18 months
Gold5 years/100,00 miles$100$112/18 months


In terms of costs as well as coverage, which are key, Carchex carries the day. This is because of the low plans cost as well as the low deductibles. Many will surely go the Carchex way, unlike Car shield that is slightly charging high and offer lots of plans.  Is there a need of offering loads of plans yet the cost are way higher? In this debate on Carshield versus Carchex, CARCHEX seems to be the better option compared to its counterpart. Remember, the above figures might change depending on the car’s make. Cars that are expensive to look after will be costly to cover.