Types Of Carpet That Can Be Cleaned

Synthetic: Most synthetic carpets have a polyester blend so you have to maintain it regularly with a vacuum cleaner. It will have a good look for a while the more you clean it. The best combination to clean your carpet is baking soda and warm water.

Wool: To clean this material off the carpet, you can easily rely on the vacuum cleaner. The carpet might take a while to dry out as wool tends to absorb a huge amount of water. You can find out if the material is wool by checking for a fire safety label.

Your Carpets Need Care Too

Keep your carpets away from sunlight: It is not the sun as much the amount of exposure that causes damage to the carpet. You have to keep your carpet away from prolonged exposure to sunlight to preserve its brightness and colours.

Vacuum your carpet regularly: Your carpet will stay healthy as long as you are ready to give it a deep cleanse once a week. You must vacuum all your mats, carpets and rugs regularly. 

You should start to vacuum from the centre and follow towards the fringes carefully for area rugs. You can turn around the rug and vacuum on the other side if it does not seem like much work.

Beat the carpets: If your vacuum cleaner does not have enough power of suction or is broken then you can use the traditional way to clean your carpets and make them look spic and span for your guests at the weekends. Hang your carpet in the open to dry out in the shining sun. You should have a healthy clean carpet during this huge pandemic.   

How to clean your carpet?

Carpet shampooing: In the 1970s when encapsulation technology was introduced, the cleaning of carpets through shampooing was quite popular. 

Even if carpet shampooing looks like heavily cleaning a soiled carpet, the disadvantage of the technology is that the carpet leaves behind loads of wet foam residues which take a while to dry. 

Also, it becomes sticky when it dries out because the rinsing is not done after its shampoo and it re-soils rapidly which makes the cleaning method not popular..

Encapsulation: As a base synthetic detergent is used in foam encapsulation that crystallises when it dries out into powder form. In carpet fibre, the loosened dirt particles will be encapsulated when the cleaning foam that was applied dries out into powder. And finally, when the foam dries out, the carpet is brushed or vacuumed after cleaning. A healthy clean carpet is best for hygiene in your home. 

Bonnet cleaning: This carpet cleaning method results as the process majorly involves cleaning the topmost portion of the carpet fibre by using a heavy motorised duty machine with a spinning pad that has been immersed to absorb dirt with a clean solution from the carpet surface. In hotels, bonneting is popular as it can quickly fix and clean the carpet in heavy traffic in public areas. 


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we could help you with everything you need to know about the cleaning methods and advantages of carpet cleaning that we mentioned above after thorough research for you.