Chemical Engineering is all about transforming raw materials into useable products or ingredients. This type of Engineering finds use in many industries from cosmetics and plastics to oil and gas as well. Chemical Engineering is undoubtedly popular among Engineering aspirants as is evident by the rapid pace the industry is growing each year.

Colleges like TOMS have past Chemical Engineering students working in major corporations across India and the world. If this is piquing interest, as a school student about to graduate, read more to find out the career outlook for a Chemical Engineer.

Scope of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineers are some of the most well-paid engineers out of other concentrations. Depending on the college one is graduating from and also on the industry they are working at, the salary scope is bright. On average, a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering student earns around INR 4,83,651 LPA.

One area that graduates could encounter a problem in, is job search. There are several hiring industries for Chemical Engineering such as petroleum, cosmetics, oil and gas, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, etc. It can be easy to get confused about which field to venture into. However, regardless of the industry, jobs are aplenty and so is the salary graph.

Which Industries Hire Chemical Engineers?

Chemical Engineering colleges in Kerala provide placements or employment assistance for students in various industries. The major hiring industry is the Oil and Gas industry. This is followed by the Software, Management, and also Fertilizer Manufacturing industries. Chemical Engineering is quite a broad field and students can work in any sector that utilises chemicals in different products. This extends to both the private and public sector companies as well. Stated below are the top industries that hire Chemical Engineers.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Food and Drink
  • Water Treatment
  • Fibres and Polymers
  • Process Engineering
  • Plastics and Metals
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power and Energy
  • Fertilizer
  • Toiletries

Job Profiles For Chemical Engineering Graduates

The primary job role for Chemical Engineering graduates is as a Chemical Engineer. However, depending on the industry one is being hired to after a degree from one of many polytechnic colleges in Kerala, the profile will change. Elaborated below are the top five such job profiles for Chemical Engineering graduates.

Chemical Engineer: The primary role of a Chemical Engineer is to make different types of products. They do so by altering the chemical and also physical state of certain ingredients or products. For instance, using oil to make plastics. Students are taught in-depth about different raw materials and how to use them safely without violating safety guidelines. Chemical Engineers usually work with already established processes or develop a new method of processing chemicals. Chemical Engineers can work in many industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Food and Drink, Plastics, Water Treatment etc. Chemical Engineers receive salaries of INR 4,83,651 LPA on average.

Process Engineer: Process Engineers are in charge of existing processes and workflows. They also design and develop better and more efficient processes that will also save costs. Process Engineers generally are hired in the Chemical, Biotechnology industries and also in large scale production plants. This role requires strong design skills along with analytical and technical abilities. In terms of software, the Process Engineer should know AutoCAD. Other regular duties include performing regular risk assessments and upgrading the processes to upscale or to keep them at peak performance. For their efforts, Process Engineers receive pay of INR 4,42,579 LPA.

Energy Engineer: Energy Engineers are experts in finding out new solutions for better ways of energy consumption. They will do research, design, develop and test all possible solutions. Not just the consumption but the Energy Engineer will also look into the distribution system, storage and processing of said energy. The effects of the energy consumption on the national and local scale will also be studied by the Energy Engineer. Some companies that hire Energy Engineers are wind turbine farms, hydroelectric power stations, fuel cell technology production, solar power and alternative energy systems. On average, across all stated companies, for an Energy Engineer is around INR 5,70,000 LPA.

Petroleum Engineer: Petroleum Engineers are trained professionals who find out safe methods of extracting oil, hydrocarbon deposits and natural gas from the earth. Their work starts with discovering new spots of reservoirs that are rich in gas and petroleum. Every aspect of the extraction from boring the hole, and constructing a safety structure to the actual extraction is planned and done by the Petroleum Engineer. The Engineer will also design the drilling machinery and also decide which process to use. Their work is done both in-office and at sites. A part of their work involves talking with the field engineers and other workers to coordinate the work. On average, one can expect to earn INR 8,11,392 LPA as a Petroleum Engineer.

Colour Technologist: Colour Technologists, also called Colour Technicians, develop new paints, pigments, and dyes. This role requires knowledge of chemicals and also a high level of creativity. The said paints are developed in accordance with the end-user. For instance, generally, Colour Technologists produce paints for automobiles, paper, cosmetics, and also for food items. Colour Technologists work on the science behind the paints and pigments. This role also requires some interaction with clients and talking with factory managers and other workers as well. Their goal is to develop a paint that can be mass-produced while still maintaining quality and at a lower cost point. The average pay for this role will differ based on where they are working but on average they make INR 6,10,000 LPA.

Career Progression for Chemical Engineers

The chart for a career as a chemical engineer starts from an entry-level position to senior management positions. The traditional career path will change depending on the specialisation of the individual and also on the corporation. Work could be in research, process development, production engineering etc. Below is a sample career path individuals working in SAP could encounter.

  • Chemical Engineer
  • SAP Consultant
  • Senior SAP Consultant
  • SAP Basis Administrator
  • Senior Technical Consultant

Salary Graphs for Chemical Engineers

A student fresh out of college with a diploma in chemical engineering colleges in Kerala does get to enjoy higher starting salaries as compared to other Engineering concentrations. This salary will only increase as the candidate gains more experience. For Chemical Engineers the average salary range based on experience level are as below.

  • Less than 1 year: INR 4,32,000 LPA
  • 1 to 4 years: INR 3,90,000 LPA
  • 5 to 9 years: INR 6,50,000 LPA
  • 10 to 19 years: INR 9,89,000 LPA
  • More than 20 years: INR 10,00,000 LPA

Chemical Engineering is a field with a large-scale scope for career progression. Both private and public organizations in a wide variety of industries hire Chemical Engineer graduates every year. With salaries of up to INR 10,00,000 LPA, current students can rest assured of a sustainable career in the future.