Hair care is no mean feat. While we all want to have thick, gorgeous shiny mane that just naturally falls in place, preferably in waves that make you feel like a goddess, it’s easier said than done.

There are so many things that influence your hair. The styling equipment has a mind of its on; the heating tool, protectants, and the setting paraphernalia leaves their own mark on the hair. Shampoos and conditioners speak a different language. Those who get their hair dyed or treated with one of the new trends have to follow special hair care instructions as well.

Then comes the matter of going chemical free; the sulphates, the parabens, the names we can barely pronounce but technically should steer clear of. And we have yet to account for the weather. The frizz brought on by the humidity, the dry mane from hot showers in the winters, the damage done courtesy of pollution in the metropolitans.

Tips for every day hair care

While factors like hair fall, baldness and other dermatological issues may need to be addressed by your Best dermatologist in Islamabad, there are more generic tips for everyday hair care.

Wash less often

Hair wash should not be done daily. While you may be tempted to wash your hair as you shower every day, curb that instinct. Water is generally not a friend to your hair; it causes the hair to swell, and thus forces the cuticle up, thereby making the hair vulnerable to breakage.

Moreover, using harsh shampoos every day also strips the natural oil present on the scalp. The oil secreting glands then go into overdrive to compensate, leading to oily and frumpy hair. These we then have to wash again, because we have unknowingly started a vicious cycle.

So, try to reel back on washing your hair. Start off with alternative day wash and see how far you can do in a week. Use a dry shampoo on the days you do not get to wash your hair. It helps in absorbing the excess oil, so your hair does not look frumpy. Some also help in removing sweat and odor from the hair, so explore the options.

Choose the correct shampoo and Serum

Shampoo selection can be a mild boggling affair. According to experts at Allure magazine, it’s okay to have sulphates in the shampoo. Since the role of the shampoo is to clean the scalp, it’s hard to make do without sulphate. Moreover, sulphates do not cause any extra damage to the hair.

The choice of shampoo will also vary as per the texture of your hair. Coarse and curly hair can go for longer without shampoo, so a hydrating and cleansing shampoo is a better choice for this hair type.

People with finer and straighter hair need to use a hair serum, since they need to wash their hair more often. After washing, they should apply a little serum, and Streax hair serum is the best choice for you.

Everyone should ideally also use shampoos that help with damage repair, as that means they help to strengthen the hair. Also, make sure that you use clarifying shampoo only occasionally.

These have a strong formula, intended to offer deep cleanse by removing buildup, but too much would remove natural oils as well.

Condition the hair

Conditioners are not optional; they are vital to your hair care as they help moisturize the hair. Conditioners also make your mane less unruly, and thus less liable to breaking, shinier and more manageable.

Basically, the conditioner has cationic surfactant in it, which sticks to the damp hair to replenish the moisture lost during the day and the course of hair wash. It also adds a layer onto the hair, which helps to protect the strand from heat and other forms of damage.

There are also different types of conditioners that you can choose from. The daily use are your run-of-the-mill ones, that are applied at the tips and the roots, and then washed off. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also use the leave-in conditioner.

As the name suggests, you apply the conditioner to the hair, and let it be. It offers greater nourishment and a smoother texture. For a more luxe vibe, you can also go for the deep conditioner. This type of conditioner is perfect for dry and fizzy hair.

Moisturize your hair

You might still want to make your hair softer and more manageable, for which you can try moisturizing. You can use hair lotion on your hair to make it softer and hydrated. But do not forget to lock the moisture in by using a sealant like oil.

Dry your hair well

Try to get your hair dry, as soon as possible. This does not mean that you go overboard with the hair dryer; the heat will damage your hair then. Similarly, rubbing with towel can also cause the strands to break.

Try instead to dry your hair with an old cotton shirt. This way is easier on the cuticles, and the shirt also helps in absorbing moisture. Rather than vigorously rubbing your hair dry, use blotting action instead. You can double the drying action by then blotting your hair with a paper towel.

When you use a blow dryer on your hair, follow it with a cooling action as well. As long as your hair remains hot, they will continue getting damaged.

Word of caution

People with scalp conditions or any skin problems should first confer with the best dermatologist in Lahore before resorting to different hair products, lest their condition is aggravated.