The Harry potter series has created a massive generation of fans who keep looking for new ways to go back into that world of alchemy. You might be one of them, the muggles or Potterheads. You keep rereading those masterpieces of books or spend your time reading fanfictions or imagining your life in Hogwarts. Well, we have a good news. You now have a new chance to immerse yourself in the world of magic once again. Move over amusement parks and fanfictions, Cards Against Muggles game is the new trend in town.

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It is a special HP themed game made just for Potterheads like you. Whether you belong to Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, this game will have you all playing in the same team. With such a huge range of possibilities for each card in the deck, you will not be wanting to stop anytime soon.

The game is designed by hardcore Harry potter fans. But be warned; the game includes some X-rated narratives which might not be suitable for Potterheads under the age of 16. There might be some references which young fans would not be happy to hear about their beloved characters. With 1440 cards in the fun game, its cost is quite reasonable to get your hands on. Previously the game was available only for download, but now we are offering the physical product as well.

This magical fantasy will transport you into the world of Harry Potter, exclusively filled with magic and adventures. Based on the same style as Cards Against Humanity, the game will have Harry potter themed references which will be filled with the cards. We know your muggle minds are running wild now, imagining what the cards say and what hilarious results you can get.


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Here are some of the teasers shared by the creators of the game; “After months of practising magic, I think I’m finally ready for…”; and “Quirrell is hiding ____ under his turban ” which can be filled with the card “Voldemort’s nose”. Are you thinking of any different cards you may use here? We are as well. This game has us all intrigued.

With a wide possibility of riddikulus answers, we can’t wait to play this game with our friends. The creators of the game shared that the game has received a lot of love and support from the Harry Potter fans all over the world. The muggles have found a new way to revisit the magical world of J.K.Rowling’s most famous series.

If you find yourself wanting to escape into that magical world with some of your good friends, pick this exciting game, shuffle up the cards and let the fun time begin. If you are a true muggle, it is definitely a game to play and enjoy on your weekend nights with Potterhead friends. Come on, let’s hop on the Hogwarts Express and take an exhilarating ride to the world full of laughter and magic.