Whether you are someone who has preferred drinking games as part of your social schedule or not, occasions such as housewarming parties, family reunions, and holidays call for an easy and boozy interaction around card decks. With this in mind, we have come up with a list of 4 card games that you can play with friends while drinking. 

1. Kings

This is a quintessential drinking game where you will require a deck of cards, lots of beer, and a cup. The cup is put in the middle of the players who will be sitting around it. The players will take turns picking a card from the available deck, each of them requiring a designated action. This game is action-packed, and there are lots of things that the players will be doing to earn themselves a beer.

2. Circle of death/ring of fire

To set up this easy-drinking game, everyone should sit in a circle while holding their drink. Pick a dealer, who every player will refer to as dealer of death. In case a player refers to the dealer by another name, they are then supposed to drink for 5 seconds. The game starts with the dealer of death distributing the cards facing up and clockwise, commencing with the players that are on their left. If a card that is dealt with by a player resembles a card that is situated on either side of it, the card is considered to be active. Players who hold such cards will be required to drink for the number of seconds that are indicated on the card. The dealer of death is responsible for the counting of the seconds as the cards are passed around. When the dealer of death is drinking, they start to count the seconds through tapping on the table.

3. Asshole/president

This is a lewd deck game that most people consider to be more strategic. To play it, you must have enough beer, a card, and a cup for every participating player. You will also need a titular hat. To play it, four players are required. The goal of this game is to ensure that every player gets rid of the cards that they hold. All cards are ranked from the lowest to the highest, starting from four. In the first round, when the game is just starting, the dealer starts by distributing all the cards except the joker. The player who has 4 of the clubs commences the game by placing the game in the middle.

4. Beeramid/pyramid

To play this game, the dealer will place the pyramid of cards facing down on the table. The bottom row will have 7 cards while the next has 6. This goes on until you have a card on top, therefore creating a pattern that looks like a pyramid. The cards that remain will need to be distributed evenly or as near evenly as possible among the players. Each of the participating players will have just 10 seconds to look at and also remember their cards following the order in which they are given.


Go ahead and have a blast with your friends while drinking and playing any of the above card games. Depending on how you want, you can change the rules of the card games to make them more interesting and appealing to the eye. Everyone participating in those card games will find them to be incredibly interesting.