In this COVID situation, an important question arises about the ability of the senses, especially the sense of smell. As they say, if the Coronavirus robs people of their olfactory power. The question arises whether this is reflected in the online analysis of scented products, such as scented candles?

One of the funniest parts is that some of the reviews on the e-commerce site during the COVID situation can help you find coronavirus patients. Yes! It is funny that many reviews have been found and that many candle review COVID situations are suspect.

Believe it or not, many people, especially women, are on various e-commerce sites irritated by scented candles. Most of them complained that none of the candles they bought. In addition, it was found that most of them were COVID positive at that time. This could be an excellent opportunity to discover COVID-positive patients. Therefore, it has been found that negative analyzes of scented candles in the United States during the COVID period are an excellent way to find positive patients.

What do experts say about the review of scented candles during the COVID period?

According to the researchers, many likes, comments and analyzes are there on social sites and also on e-commerce sites; people are angry when they get unscented candles. However, most of them were found to be scented candles and the reviewers were positive for COVID.

One of the research assistants in the Harvard Adult Development Study decided to test this hypothesis about 20,000 reviews on different e-commerce sites. Most of them were on Amazon and Walmart. Therefore, it is clear that Candle Reviews COVID exists on different e-commerce sites. Researchers are finding out.

Do ratings affect e-commerce sites?

Let’s share some surprising facts about candle reviews in the COVID situation. Prior to 2020, ratings for the rate of major scented candles were 4 to 4.2 out of five. During the COVID situation, it was noticed that most rates decreased from 3 to 3.5 rating. In addition, a lot of negative comments across the United States are there on that site. The same happened worldwide, on all e-commerce sites.

What does the statistic say about COVID candle reviews?

Amazon’s assessments of the best scented candles were quickly deduced during the COVID situation, from January to September (approximately). In January, most assessments were between 2 and 2.5, and were the same until March 2020. In April, the assessment rose to 4 assessments. In May, it passed classification 3, and the situation was the same (more or less) until September 2020.

The final verdict:

Scary, but true, is that many patients with COVID were found in the review section. It was the only positive part of these negative criticisms. The fact is that many of the COVID candle review situations make scented candle companies run at a loss. However, they are currently increasing their ranking.