Are you thinking of purchasing CAN99(tm) Mask online in Canada? According to WHO guidelines, wearing N95 Mask N95 Mask helps protect from the Covid virus. Wearing wearing the N95 Mask in public places will help stop airborne particles, microorganisms, and viruses from infiltrating the human body which prevents the transmission of Covid.

However, prior to buying CAN99 Do you want to read some reviews about the product and its manufacturer? Check out this article to the very end for a comprehensive Review of Can99. Mask review.


Vitacore’s Can99 Disposable Face Mask is an N95 respirator. A respirator with N95 has three different layers which are 99percent effective in preventing airborne particles from getting into in the respiratory tract.

The CAN99 mask prevents microorganisms and viruses from getting into the body via the nose. CAN99 masks are more effective than surgical masks made of cotton and.

How do I utilize it?

  1. Wear the CAN99 Mask on your nose, then adjust the head straps made of elastic to ensure that they fit perfectly.
  2. There is no requirement for knots since they are elastic
  3. Mask your nose completely the Mask with no spaces for air to pass through.
  4. Mask Review HTML0 Mask review Review of the Can99 Maskdirects users to pull the strip of metal inside the Mask to make it fit their noses in a perfect way
  5. The lower portion from the Mask to completely cover the lower portion of your chin.


  • Name: Vitacore CAN99 Disposable Face Mask
  • Buy CAN99 Mask at:–5s/L1490965.html
  • Product Code: L1490965
  • Price: $16.99
  • Brand: VITACORE
  • Type: N95 Respirator
  • Filtration: >=99%
  • Breathability Industry leading
  • Level: 3, >160 mmHg blood penetration resistance)
  • Compatibility: MRI
  • Material: Graphene-Free, Spundbond and Meltblown
  • Periodic Subscription: Available
  • Special Offer: use the LNY2022 code to get three envelopes at no cost
  • Delivery at a shop close to your home: Possible with specified postal code
  • Quantity maximum per purchase: Two

Can99 Mask Review on Advantages:

  • The CAN99 Mask guards against micro airborne particles that are as small to 0.3 millimeters (CoronaVirus is approximately 0.1 microns)
  • The CAN99 Mask is made of Spundbond, which has an both its outer and inner layers and Meltblown filter, which is able to trap microorganisms within its layers and prevents them from getting into the human body.


  • It is noted that the temperature in the internal layer of the CAN99 Mask is higher than that of the outer layer since the heat from the air that is breathed out is held
  • The CAN99 Mask can cause discomfort due the warmer inside layer as well as because it is worn for a prolonged period of period of

Is it efficient and worth the money?

We will now look at the Can99 Mask review and its name to see if it’s worth the money.


  • The brand CAN99 Mask is part belonging to VITACORE Industries.
  • VITACORE is close towards achieving the goal as the only Canadian company to implement a PPE recycling program
  • VITACORE as well as the website were launched one year and eight months ago in the year 2020.
  • has achieved a mid-ranking with 646,715 points on Alexa
  • boasts an average trust score of 45%.
  • will be closed on June 5, 2022.
  • VITACORE is active via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and the Can99 mask review has been verified to have the following:more than 335 followers.

The product’s description:

  • The CAN99 Mask can be purchased through a number of online stores and social media websites
  • CAN99 Mask is considered to be as one of the best masks for N95.
  • The CAN99 Mask is the very first mask to be awarded an health Canada OI
  • Thus, CAN99 Mask and its brand VITACORE are authentic.

Customer CAN99(tm) Mask Reviews:

Thirteen reviews on the site give an average score of 3.5. Seven customers out of 11 users recommended CAN99 mask, which is 64% customer-recommended rate.

There are eight Can99 Mask Reviews by a reputable review website says that it’s among the best masks for N95 available in Canada. There are many favorable reviews for VITACORE and the CAN99 Masks on YouTube.

The CAN99 mask was not assessed on social media, even however there are more than 300 likes on VITACORE’s posts. We recommend you to learn more about product Validity.

The negative reviews indicate that the use of CAN99 Mask could cause fog to form on eyeglasses. The part of the chin in the CAN99 Mask is able to slide up and feels as if it’s not as effective as KN95 Masks.


The Can99 Mask review Review of Can99 Maskconcludes that the CAN99 Mask appears to be to be a genuine product. The CAN99 Mask is advertised on various online shopping and social media sites. Many customers have received its delivery and shared their comments to along with