Are you a tax payer of the US? Are you wondering when tax return filing is due? Are you interested in knowing the due date for filing taxes? If so, you should check out the blog post.

A lot of people from both the United States and Canada are waiting for the last day to file their tax returns. If they don’t complete their tax returns on time the tax payers could face severe penalties. This is why, in this post we’ll discuss the deadline for filing Taxes in 2022? for both countries.

When is the best time to file tax returns in 2022 United States ?

The revenue service organisation that is charged for administering Internal Revenue Codes as well as the collection tax within the US, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is announcing that the final date to file taxes for US citizens is April 18, 2022.

The standard deadline for paying tax on income for the US is April 15th. In the past two years there has been delays in the usual date due to the pandemic Covid-19. The same thing happens this year. delays in the tax deadline. This has many wondering What happens when you file Taxes in 2022? however the delay this year isn’t caused by Covid-19. Covid 19 pandemic.

The deadline is now moved from 15th April 2022 until 18th April 2022 in celebration of Emancipation Day. Every year, the 16th day of April, it’s designated by the United States government as Emancipation Day, and all federal offices are closed on the day. When the date falls on a Saturday the day is celebrated on Friday. However, if it falls on a Sunday, it’s celebrated on Monday.

Therefore, this year’s Emancipation Day will be recognized on April 15th, as 16th is a Saturday. So, the deadline to file tax returns is moved to the next Monday, April 18th.

Can You Filing Taxes 2022 in Canada ?

The federal tax collection and regulating body, Revenue Agency, has extended the deadline for filing taxes. New deadlines are May 2022.

The standard deadline to pay taxes in the United States is 30th April every year. This year, however, thirty-fourth of April is a weekend. Therefore, CRA extends the deadline for tax filing to the next working day which is the 2nd of May, Monday 2022.

However, there are exemptions for self-employed residents as well as citizens whose spouses and spouses are self-employed. They can apply for the exemption. CRA extends the due date for these exemptions until Wednesday, June 15th 2022.

Now that we have learned about Do You Need to File Taxes in 2022 We should be aware of how to avoid the penalties of failing to file tax returns on time.

Which are the penalties for not filing tax on time?

Tax filing on time is crucial but getting your tax refund in time isn’t the only advantage of paying taxes in time. Certain government benefits may be negatively affected by filing taxes in late. Taxpayers also face penalty charges for late filing.


Taxes must be paid on time. This is crucial. If you’re citizens of the US make sure you file your taxes within the timeframe that we have listed above.