You love to read and love to write about things you’ve read. What if we told you that you could get paid to write blogs about books? Yep – there’s money in book blogs!

Whether you’ve already started a book blog or you’re looking for a new side hustle or career, this article will help. Keep reading to learn about creating a successful book blog.

How to Start a Book Blog

The first step to creating the best book blogs on the internet is to set up your website. There are several platforms that make it easy to design a site and start blogging right away. Each platform has pros and cons, so do your research before you choose one. WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix are a few simple ones to start browsing.

Once your site is set up, create a content plan. Are you going to write exclusively book review blogs or do you also want to write about fan theories or predictions for future books in the series? Your content plan should include the type of blogs, the frequency of your posts, and any other relevant details.

Be sure to spend significant time in your planning phase. Learn the elements of a book review and create a template to make the blogging experience more efficient.

Making Money From Book Blogs

Once you’ve gotten into your blogging groove you can start thinking about monetizing your work. In order to make money, you need views. Create a marketing plan to attract new readers while keeping your loyal readers too. You can use social media and search engine optimization (SEO) to get those page views up.

Affiliate marketing is when you include a link to an external page in your blog. If someone clicks on the link, you get paid! Another way to make money is to place ads on your blog but you need a good following before this is a viable option.

You can also make money for your blogs by creating a subscription service. You can ask readers to pay to access some or all of your content online. You can also sell your own products like t-shirts or bookmarks on your website for money. Depending on the type of blogs you write you can also turn a blog into a book.

Looking for more ways to earn money? Consider selling your old books at You can earn top dollar for unique books in your collection.

Read, Write, and Get Paid

Start your blog by creating a website and a content plan. Use social media and other marketing tools to bring more attention to your blog.

Once you’ve established an audience you can try affiliate marketing, ads, or a subscription offer to start making money on your book blogs. And don’t forget that you can also get paid to sell your old books.

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