It’s not always necessary to purchase a new refrigerator when your old one breaks down. In some cases, it’s possible to convert a commercial freezer into a refrigerator. This process is relatively simple and can be accomplished with a few basic tools. Keep in mind that the conversion will only work if the freezer is in good condition and has an adequate cooling system.

You can convert a commercial freeze and freezer to a refrigerator. All you need is a refrigerant conversion kit. The kit will include all of the necessary components to change the refrigerant from R-22 to R-134a.

The refrigerator conversion kit will include the following parts:

  • Temperature controller – The temperature controller will allow you to set a target temperature.
  • Power adapter – The power adapter will provide power to the fridge conversion kit.
  • USB cable – The USB cable will be used to connect the temperature controller to your computer so that you can monitor the target temperature and make changes as needed.
  • Mounting hardware – The mounting hardware will be used to attach the temperature controller to the side of your fridge.

What are the benefits of converting a freezer to a refrigerator?

There are a few benefits of converting a freezer to a refrigerator. One is that a refrigerator uses less energy than a freezer, so it can save you money on your electric bill. Additionally, refrigerators tend to have a lower price tag than freezers, so it can be more affordable to buy one. Finally, refrigerators are typically smaller in size than freezers, so they can be a better fit for smaller kitchens.

How do you convert a freezer to a refrigerator?

If you want to convert a freezer into a refrigerator, it’s not as difficult as you might think. All you need is some proper tools and some patience. Here are the steps: 

1. Remove the freezer’s housing. You’ll need a flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, drill bit, and screwdriver bit.

2. Remove the screws that secure the top and side panels of the freezer to the frame.

3. Remove the top panel of the freezer, then remove the screws that secure the side panels to the frame.

4. Remove the top plastic liner from around the food compartment and lift it out.

5. Unplug the electrical cord from the freezer. Remove any plastic wrappings around the food compartment, then remove any plastic wrappings from the bottom of the freezer.

6. Unscrew the two screws that hold the food compartment to the frame, then remove and set aside.

7. Remove the two screws that secure the front panel to the frame, then remove and set aside.

8. Lift up on the cabinet door to disengage it from its hinges, then lift it out of the freezer.

9. Attach the converter kit and assemble it again.