Do you enjoy watching tennis matches? Are you a Serena Williams lover? The film King Richard was based on Serena & her families. You would like to know more. If yes, then read on.

Popular is the biography film King Richard based Serena & Venus William. Many people in the United States or the United Kingdom want to see the film. We will now discuss King Richard and You Can Watch King Richard.

What is King Richard’s name?

It was shown in Telluride 48th Film Festival’s 2nd September 2021. Warner Bros Pictures distributed and sold it in theatres along with on HBO Max 19th November 2021. It generated $30 million in boxoffice revenue and received favorable reviews.

Kinng Richard is a drama biographie film directed by Reinaldo Markus Green and written by Zach Baylin. It will be out in 2021. It is based off the true story Williams Richard who was both the father and coach for tennis stars Serena & Venus. Two executive producers also took part in the film’s production.

Before you learn more about Watch King Richard let us talk about the plot of King Richard.

The Story of King Richard

Richard Williams, Brandy Williams as his spouse and his 3 step-daughters reside in Compton. He also has his 2 biological daughters, Serena (and Venus) He has a goal to turn Serena & Venus into professional tennis stars. This has been his dream since the birth of his daughters.

Brandy & Richard work as nurses and security guards. Richard coached Serena & Venus. He also trained them to be successful. The film shows how they raised their daughter to be one the most successful tennis players in history.

Let us first discuss the film’s cast.

The Casting Of King Richard

King Richard was a film with a large cast of American and African American actors. Here is a list of the main cast members with their roles.

  • Will Smith plays Richard Williams.
  • Aunjanue Els plays Oracene.
  • Saniya Siedney plays Venus Williams.
  • Demi singleton plays Serena Williams.
  • Jon Bernthal portrays Rick Macci.
  • Tony Goldwyn plays Paul Cohen.
  • Mikayla bartholomew performs Tunde Price.
  • Danielle Lawson is the actor who plays Isha.
  • Layla Crawford plays Lyndrea.

Where Can We Watch King Richard

King Richard was shown in theatres on 19 November 2021. HBO Max streaming service launched that same day. The film was not available to stream for 31 days. If you want to see Williams’ story live, then you will need to buy it digitally.

King Richards can now be purchased from Vudu, Google Play Films and priced at $19.99 The film can be watched on Amazon Prime or Apple TV by subscribers who have Amazon Prime or Apple TV subscriptions.


The inspiring and captivating film King Richard shows how two of the greatest tennis players ever were made.

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