Well, the beverage industry is a big one and when it comes to packaged water there is a huge revenue margin in that space too. So, if you are planning to start your setup for water packaging and supplying then there are some brilliant can water business ideas you can benefit from.

Canned water bottles are used almost now in the majority of homes and commercial spaces due to the increase in pollution, and diseases that spread via polluted water. But plastic cans are a big contributor to pollution too. That is why the packaging industry and bigger brands like Pepsi. co or coca-cola etc. are shifting their can and bottles to aluminum can water bottles and aluminum cans.

Most of the bigger brands instead of installing separate machinery and plant are outsourcing their aluminum can water bottles or cans to supply their product. So, this space has a huge potential to start your business.

Some of the business ideas related to aluminum can water bottles are:

1.     Water purification and supply

Water purification and mineral water production are very profitable businesses, but you need proper plant and standardized methods along with technicians to run this business. If you can invest in the production of mineral water and packaging it in an aluminum can water bottles to supply in the city at reasonable rates, then you can penetrate more in the local market rather than the big brands as your supply will be fresher and trusted. You can also supply fresh spring water in a can which most of the people prefer to have chemical free water that is pure and healthy too.

2.     Packaging products

Most of the bigger companies hire small vendors to manufacture their packaging aluminum water cans and bottles to store their products. With a small investment, you can install some machinery to make these aluminum water cans and bottles and become a supplier of cans to multiple brands.

3.     Recycling plant

As discussed above aluminum cans are profitable and environment friendly due to their reusability and recycling. Another great business idea related to can water is to invest in an aluminum water can recycling plant where you can simply recycle the used cans and bottles to turn into raw material or make new cans and bottles out of them

4.     Can printing

Well, nothing goes these days without marketing and brand building. So, a major business section in the can water supply is the wrappers and printing on bottles and cans. This is a small-scale business that can earn you big revenue. Just get a printing setup and start printing aluminum water cans wrappers and stickers.

5.     Testing and certification

The water and beverage industry is closely monitored and for that, even a small production plant needs authority certificates and licenses to sell. Not all business owners can handle complex procedures of government authority and here comes your business idea. You can set up a testing and certification agency that can test and verify the products and deal with all the legal complications to get the permit for selling can water to various suppliers.

Final points

Aluminum water cans and bottles are the need of the current time and their demand is increasing every day, with the right guidance and deep research of the market you can build a successful business in this area and earn revenue that will leave your spell bounded.