When it comes time to do Christmas shopping, most people think along the lines of more luxury and indulgent items available: perfumes, cosmetics, nice clothes, jewellery and whatnot. For the majority of people, stationery would not necessarily enter their minds as a viable candidate. Well, those people would be wrong.

The fact is that the right kind of stationery can make an excellent Christmas gift. We’re not talking about a packet of ball-point pens or some extra staples for your staple gun here.We’re talking journals bound in Italian leather, fine handmade Christmas cards embossed on heavy luxurious paper, custom stationery notes, pewter desktop boxes, picture frames, leather bound albums; stationery fit for a king.

But why does anyone want it? What makes these items the perfect Christmas gifts for every stationery lovers?

1. It’s Personal

So much of the gift-friendly stationery you can choose has options for customisation. You can monogram a journal, add a superb letterhead to paper, emboss cards, engrave metal boxes and pen casings. It’s so easy to turn a simple-looking stationery gift into something deeply personal and meaningful.

This makes top-notch stationery an ideal Christmas gift between old friends, family members, and people in a romantic relationship. When people are bored of the mass-produced gifts that everyone they know is already getting, something unique, personalised and special. It’s a gift that really reflects how much another person means to you. A great Christmas gift is a quality fountain pen, this is a great gift for anyone tough to buy for, one website with a great selection is Blesket Fountain Pen Canada.

2. Stunning Materials

Luxury stationery isn’t cheap plastic and disposable nonsense. It’s made with fine metals, sumptuous natural leather, thick luxurious paper and other top materials that make products you’ll never want to throw away. Just imagine lidded boxes and photo frames in fine pewter, fountain pens with brushed aluminium and gold trims, old-world wooden quill sets with artisanal ink pots…the possibilities are endless.

With such materials, stationery can become as much a decorative item as a practical one. We too easily think of stationery in a totally functional sense, and not at all in a decorative one, but that’s just because we don’t invest in the right kinds of stunning and luxurious stationery that exists out there in the world.

3. Easy to Attach Sentimental Value

Very often, stationery comes as a kind of “blank canvas” for another person to enjoy and put their mark upon. For instance, imagine a leather bound album that the recipient can fill with whatever photos and other memories they want. That album is then so much more than just a piece of stationery, it’s more like a family heirloom. Albums contain some of our most precious and treasured memories, after all.

The same can be true of any pen, box, journal, or even something like a key ring. The small and seemingly humble gifts can carry so much meaning and will do for the recipient. It can be a beautiful way to strengthen a bond between 2 or more people. In addition, the sentimental value on many stationery items is useful, because they are practical items, too.

4. Stationery is Usually Compact and Portable

In a more practical sense, even the most resplendent and luxurious stationery is, on the whole, light in weight, portable and therefore easy to wrap and transport. Whether you give it in person or send it via a courier, it won’t present any trouble or challenge. That’s a big plus because often you will see items and think it’d make a lovely gift but at the same time you know it either wouldn’t fit in your friend’s home, or sending it to them would be a real nightmare.

5. Quality Stationery is Lasting

Finally, quality handmade stationery items like thick paper, fine fountain pens, well-made boxes, monogrammed journals and so on will last a long time and won’t be quickly worn and tired-looking. So many Christmas gifts can feel cheap and tacky, and have essentially lost their colour and veuve by some time in January. Stationery won’t do that, not if you choose the right stuff.