Whether you want to firm up or deal with post-weight loss, you’d be happy to know you have many non-surgical skin tightening options available at your disposal. Sagging skin treatments can also do wonders for unwanted skin laxity. Rather than surgically removing excess skin, energy treatments are used to tone the skin.

Nowadays, there are many sagging skin treatments that work by improving elasticity and stimulating natural collagen extraction. Many nonsurgical skin tightening treatments will not offer the same dramatic effect as most surgical lifts (i.e., facelifts, arm lifts, etc.) but they can still offer very rejuvenating effects.

Below are some of the non-surgical skin tightening treatments that have been proven to effectively tighten the skin:


Considered a favorite by many providers and patients, this skin tightening treatment uses microfocused ultrasound imaging to deliver energy to certain layers of the tissue. Ultrasound is also used to visualize the unique anatomy of the patient. It also makes the customization of the treatment possible.

Ultherapy is used to lift the chin, neck, and brow and improve the appearance of wrinkles on the upper chest. It also uses fractionated energy to create thermocoagulation points (TCPs) which helps the body produce more elastin and collagen. No wonder it is considered one of the most powerful skin tightening treatments.


This non-invasive rejuvenation treatment is FDA-cleared and is used to contour, tighten, and smoothen the skin to achieve a younger-looking appearance. Thermage works by using radiofrequency or RF energy. It brings heat to the dermis under the surface layer of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen.

Thermage is also used on the jawline and the eyes as well as the stomach, thighs, knees, arms, hands, back, and butt. Most patients will see noticeable results after a single 30 to 90 minute treatment session. Localized swelling, redness, and bloating may be experienced. Results of the procedure can last up to a year or two.

Thread Lifting

Thread lifts or suture suspension lifts are known for their ability to lift and offer a tightening effect at the same time. This non-surgical skin tightening option uses barbed and dissolvable sutures that are threaded under the skin. It works by elevating the lax tissue and stimulating the production of collagen.

The main ingredient in the threads is polydioxanone or PDO, an absorbable substance that is found in sutures. Known as a biostimulatory agent, the PDO in the threads can cause skin tightening and collagen stimulation. Patients can enjoy contour and improved firmness in the cheeks, jawline, buttocks, and knees.


If you want to treat your neck and lower face, Evoke is something you can look into. The device used in the procedure uses sustained bipolar frequency to stimulate collagen production, reduce fat, and lift and tighten the skin around the jawline, cheek, and jowls. Artificial intelligence enables the device to maintain the right temperature.

Since it can maintain the correct temperature for fat reduction or skin tightening, it can help maintain the fat in the patient’s lower face while getting rid of the fat under the chin. Three to six treatments are often recommended for best results (spaced at least a week apart). Evoke has no downtime or pain and it is considered very safe for all types of skin. Results can be seen at 12 weeks. However, most patients report dramatic effects even after a few sessions so it’s a great treatment option before a big event.