As more and more states legalize medical marijuana, people are wondering if their holistic doctor can prescribe it for them. The answer is maybe. While some doctors are opposed to using marijuana, even for medicinal purposes, others are open to the idea and willing to prescribe it to their patients. In this article, we’ll look at medical marijuana gummies and holistic medicine, how it can be used to treat various conditions, and whether or not holistic doctors can prescribe it. 

What is Medical Marijuana? 

Medical marijuana is potluck cannabis that has been specifically grown for its medicinal properties. It contains a higher concentration of CBD, a compound thought to have therapeutic benefits, and lower concentrations of THC, which gets people high. 

What is Holistic Medicine? 

Holistic medicine is a branch of medicine that takes an integrative approach to health and healing. It focuses on treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of a disease. 

Holistic medicine considers a person’s mind, body, and spirit and treats them as a whole. This approach is thought to be more effective than treating the symptoms of a disease with medication. 

Marijuana & Holistic

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is an area where holistic medicine and conventional medicine often disagree. Many holistic doctors believe that the plant has a wide range of therapeutic benefits and can be used to treat various conditions. 

However, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is still illegal in many states and is not recognized as a legitimate treatment by the mainstream medical community. This has created a bit of a gray area for holistic doctors who wish to prescribe it to their patients. 

While some holistic doctors may be able to prescribe medical marijuana, others may not have the ability or authority to do so. It ultimately depends on the state’s laws and regulations and the individual doctor’s stance on marijuana as a medicine. 

Medical Conditions for Which a Holistic Doctor Can Recommend MMJ 

Medical marijuana has been shown to have potential therapeutic benefits for various conditions. Let’s have a look at medical conditions for which a holistic doctor may recommend the use of MMJ: 

Chronic Pain: The use of marijuana for chronic pain relief has been studied extensively, with many patients reporting a significant reduction in pain symptoms. It can also help with symptoms such as fibromyalgia and endometriosis. 

Anxiety & Depression: Cannabis has been found to affect mood positively and can be used as an alternative to prescription antidepressants. It can also help with anxiety, PTSD, and stress. 

Insomnia: Medical marijuana can help induce sleep and improve sleep quality. It can also be used as an alternative to prescription sleep aids. 

Inflammation & Arthritis: Medical marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potential treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus conditions. 

Cancer-Related Symptoms: Medical marijuana can help alleviate cancer symptoms and their treatment, such as nausea, pain, and loss of appetite. It may also have potential anti-cancer properties. 

It is important to note that medical marijuana should be used under the guidance of a doctor, as it can have potential side effects and may interact with other medications. 


Can I get a medical card PA online? 

The online process for getting a medical marijuana card varies by state. In some states, online applications are available, and the process can be completed entirely online. In other states, online applications may only be the first step, and an in-person visit to a physician may also be required. It is important to check your state’s guidelines and regulations regarding online medical marijuanas card PA applications. 

How to do Medical Card Renewal PA? 

The medical marijuana card renewal online process also varies by state. Check your state’s guidelines and regulations for medical marijuana renewal PA to determine the steps you need to take. 

Final Words 

We hope this article has helped shed some light on the use of medical marijuana in holistic medicine and the process for obtaining a medical card. As always, talking to your doctor about potential treatment options, including medical marijuana, is important.