As the technology of gaming laptops is increasing day by day new laptops are coming with advanced features like dedicated graphics card, Max Ram size, speed of CPU and many more.

So, the question arises that Can Gaming laptops be used for video editing? For the answer to this question, you need to understand the working of editing videos.

If you are preparing a video for uploading it on YouTube or Vimeo, then you can use your laptop without any hesitation.

If you are editing or streaming videos for a website, then you need to have a smooth working of processor, high RAM, and high-speed then desktop computer is preferred.

The gaming laptop market is huge and it has become much more competitive so that you can easily use for video editing. Nowadays, many gaming laptops are built using the same components.

A notebook with an Intel Core i7 processor is a great choice for gamers, creative professionals, content editors, animators, media enthusiasts, and anyone who needs to handle complex jobs and processes. 

The i7 processor not only offers exceptional speed and efficiency, but also increases the ease of multitasking, allowing users a wide range of benefits.

At a time when technological innovations are at an extreme level, many models have flooded the market over time and they never cease to surprise us. If you’re on a good budget and want to locate the best laptop under 2000 dollars, go to this link, where you’ll get detailed reviews of the top ten systems.

They offer exceptional features, something exclusive to satisfy your desires, much more elaborate designs to satisfy all needs. But it all depends on your personal needs; otherwise, it will be a costly wrong investment.

So, let us discuss can gaming laptops be used for video editing

Gaming laptops used for video editing 

If you are working on a gaming computer which you use to record and edit your gameplay, there is a good chance that you’re making a collection of your favorite gaming moments for later upload.

If so, it’s likely that either live streaming or broadcasting with a slight delay is something that catches your interest. In either case, your system will have to be able to meet the demands of high-quality gameplay recording.

As mentioned before, gaming laptops and video editing go hand-in-hand, but not every game developer out there is a professional.

If you have a gaming laptop as your work tool, then test to see if it can keep up with the workload so that you don’t waste time and money on a rig that won’t get you where you need to be when it comes to completing projects efficiently and effectively.

However, if you’re looking into buying a gaming laptop for editing purposes as well as playing games, there are some points worth considering before you make that big investment. Specifically, here are the specs of gaming laptops that would be good for video editing. 

1) Screen 

The screen will be a key factor in selecting a gaming laptop for video editing. It will depend on your level of expectations, but it’s best to get an accurate and clear screen if you want better results.

This may not be important if you are using external monitors with the laptop. The decision may come down to personal preferences, but getting color accurate screens for projects like color grading should help improve the final output.

There are now many options when it comes to the type of screens used in laptops, such as OLED and Mini LED screens, but most models designed with gaming in mind have high refresh IPS displays that can help create smoother framerates and sharper images or videos.

2) CPU, GPU and RAM 

These key specifications will ultimately determine the quality of your laptop’s gaming experience. It is difficult to provide generalized suggestions here because there are factors that vary from one user to the next.

The video files you are editing are a variable that directly affects performance on your laptop’s graphics chip. Different codecs, bit rates and resolutions also affect how well your laptop will be able to play back these videos.

Your editing software of choice should also be considered when selecting a gaming laptop for video editing projects because it can influence the performance of your graphics chip.

The more memory available, the better. A graphics card from a more recent release than the GTX 1650 will perform better at graphics processing.

AMD’s offerings may seem tempting because they can be relatively affordable, but if you can afford to purchase something new you should go with an NVIDIA card.

The Vega software on their APUs is weaker than the rest of the drivers, and it may not do much for your media production – especially if you’re working with high-definition video.

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1) Are gaming laptops good for Adobe?

When gamers buy laptops, their main concern is whether or not it will be able to run the games they want to play. Most high-end laptops are packed with high-powered specs such as a powerful processor, plenty of RAM and more than enough video memory.

But as long as a laptop has the minimum required system requirements to run programs like Adobe After Effects CC, i n most cases any graphics application will work without problems.

2) Is gaming laptop good for graphic design and video editing?

When people use a graphic design laptop for gaming, it’s because they are looking for the best of both worlds! While it’s true that some models may be less than ideal for the graphics-heavy use typically required in game design such as high usage of RAM and processing capabilities, there is a solution.

It just takes using a few resources to determine which laptops are best for your needs in order to make an informed decision which will benefit you overall as a graphic designer or as someone who enjoys playing video games and creating designs by doing so – two hobbies that tend to intertwine inexorably.

3) Is gaming laptop good for Photoshop?

Yes, gaming laptops are powerful. However, as you might expect, they are not always great when it comes to dealing with photo and video editing because they tend to not have the latest graphics cards or the RAM required to deal with complex videos.

Using a top end laptop for simple tasks like editing your holiday photos or throwing together a short video of the kids really takes away from the whole experience.

4) Can gaming laptop run software’s?

Yes, it is possible to use Adobe After Effects CC (and other software) on a high-end laptop that was designed for gaming. While it’s not recommended by Adobe, more expensive video cards can handle the pressure of rendering After Effects CC.

However, there is a chance that rendering everything smoothly might not be possible on your laptop if you don’t have enough RAM installed or an incorrect/old/non-certified GPU.

If this were to happen and your visual appear as if they were drips of paint getting thrown against the wall, you can attempt to redo it since there may be distortions throughout which aren’t supported by the GPU.


Gaming laptops are becoming more and more popular these days, but that’s because they offer a lot of power and portability in one package. A gaming laptop can be a powerful tool for any video editor.

Even if you need to edit on the go, they can be a laptop you won’t have to worry about. Gaming Laptops were designed to handle the intensive CPU and GPU workloads gaming rigs demand, but if you want to use them for other demanding workloads like video editing, you’ll need to few settings only.

So, we conclude to this point that gaming laptop has a lot specification, such as high RAM, great storage, Ultra fast SSD. So, we can easily use gaming laptop for video editing. 

I hope after reading this article you will understand about can gaming laptop be used for video editing. 

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