Not every lawn variety is suitable for a home with dogs or other pets. Digging, pee burns and other activities inflict a lot of wear and tear on the grass!

Selecting a pet-friendly lawn variety from Buffalo Turf will not only provide your pet with a year-round space to play and relax, but it will also resist the wear and tear that regular canine activity causes.

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is a wonderful alternative for pets, particularly your four-legged pals because it has a high wear tolerance. Learn more about how to choose the best grass for dogs.


Sir Walter Buffalo grass that has been DNA certified is not only healthy for dogs, but it is also self-repairing and grows swiftly.

This makes it ideal for enduring the wear and tear caused by dog urine burns, digging, and running.

Even with large dogs or an active dog, your new Sir Walter grass will remain soft underfoot, rather than keeping them inside. This provides pets and their owners with a relaxing environment in which to unwind and play with a few toys.

Sir Walter’s resilience to full sun, drought, and part shade mean it will stay green all year long, giving your beloved buddy a spot to enjoy in the Spring.


It’s natural for dogs to get a little rowdy, especially when they’re outside on the lawn. What matters is that your dog can tumble or roll around on a soft surface. Pet-friendly lawns, like a soft leaf buffalo, work in this way to keep your dog safe.

Another advantage of having lush grass is that it naturally cools the surrounding area. This provides a safe place for your pet to run in the sun without becoming overheated.

Finally, allergies affect many pets, just as they do their owners. Many grass species trigger allergies; however, Sir Walter’s lawns are non-allergenic and absorb pollen, reducing the symptoms of hayfever in the spring.


All we want to know as dog owners are that we’re doing everything we can to keep our dogs safe.

You should consider utilizing organic fertilizer and herbicides in addition to selecting the finest grass for your dogs. Natural materials will maintain your lawn free of poisonous chemicals and damaging lawn care products.

This implies that whether or not you’ve used lawn care products, your dog can continue to roll about, dig, or relax on your lawn. More information about pet-friendly lawn care products can be found here.

You should make absolutely ensures that your dog has all they need to keep safe in your garden, in addition to using pet-friendly products. This includes a fresh water bowl for your dog (particularly in the summer) and a fence to keep others out while your pet is inside.

Conclusion:- Choosing the right grass for your pets is crucial, and choosing Sir Walter Buffalo Grass for your new lawn can make all the difference, especially if there is a lot of traffic.