The recent years of tech creation have expanded the business landscape with endless scope of growth and success. Data science has become the fueling factor for reshaping a successful career in the digital era. Bangalore, or the Silicon Valley of India, is best known for its expanding tech hubs with the scope of proven career building. To cope with the changing job landscape in data science, many working pros are opting for upskilling. Gaining data literacy with a proven data science course in Bangalore upscales the growth rates in real time. 

But why are the most working professionals opting for upskilling with data science in Bangalore? What is the reason for upskilling – learning or career transformation with attractive earning options? 

Undoubtedly, the data science field sees exponential growth in many firms, helping the pros reconstruct their career with assured gains. However, its lucrative pay scales in Bangalore attract many working pros to build careers in similar fields. Upskilling with a data scientist course in Bangalore expands the earning potential of many experts. 

Let us dive more into the pay scales for data scientists in Bangalore. 

Data Scientist Salary in Bangalore

Silicon Valley, Bangalore is famous for its tech hubs. Gradually, the city has witnessed the rise of non-tech domains and job opportunities with attractive pay scales. Data science is an expanding field with attractive growth opportunities for techies and non-techies. The working professionals at their entry-level career race can switch to data science regardless of the domain expertise. Yet, an industry-paced learning with a data science course in Bangalore, such career decisions can see better gains. 

Bangalore is commonplace for several MNCs in different sectors aiming to build a sustainable future. Data science has become one of the most demanding job roles in such sectors, with openings at various professional levels. From data science intern to lead data scientist, the city sees a fast-paced rise in all sectors. Once you are upskilled with a data scientist course in Bangalore, you can unlock endless career scopes. 

Data Scientist Salary Range in Bangalore (Level of Designation)

A data scientist in Bangalore earns 10 LPA on average. However, the regulatory pay scale ranges between 4 LPA to 25 LPA in Bangalore. The salary structure for different levels looks like – 

  • Data scientist Intern – 1 LPA to 10 LPA
  • Data Science Trainee – 1 LPA to 9 LPA
  • Data Scientist – 2 LPA to 12 LPA
  • Data Science Analyst – 4 LPA to 19 LPA
  • Data Engineer – 4 LPA to 23 LPA
  • Senior Data Scientist – 10 LPA to 46 LPA
  • Decision Scientist – 6 LPA to 15 LPA
  • Lead Data Scientist – 11 LPA to 53 LPA

Depending on the selection criteria set by the companies, these salary structures get revised. Yet, learning through a data science course in Bangalore can make one eligible for such pay scales. 

Regardless of their sectors, employers in the city are looking forward to skilled data scientists. A data scientist skilled with the latest data science trends and tools always stays in demand. Upskilling through a data science course in Bangalore is a proven gateway for rebuilding your career in a promising field. The working pros hopeful for cracking highly paid job roles must ensure their learning with in-demand trends. 

Coming toward promising skills, employers mostly look for Python, ML algorithms, data science, SQL, & AI skills before hiring a data scientist. The salary structure of a data scientist is decided based on work experience, skill set, and overall education credentials. Bangalore, being a hub of prominent giants in the city, getting into such companies has become a dream for many. With the right upskilling in a data scientist course in Bangalore, this goal can be accomplished. 

Data Scientist Salary Range in Bangalore (Leading MNCs or Giants)

Many tech giants in Bangalore have lucrative opportunities for data scientist roles. But with redundant skills, one can avoid getting into such firms. Data science job roles demand proven skills in the field to handle complex data sets and derive the facts. If you are skilled with promising data science trends and tools, then cracking MNC interviews is an easy task. Thus, enrolling in a data science course in Bangalore is a wise move that most of the working pros are making right now. 

The salary structure for the data scientist role in several MNCs looks like this –

  • TCS – 2.5 LPA to 27 LPA (0-9 years experience)
  • IBM – 3 LPA to 33 LPA (1-9 years experience)
  • Accenture – 3.5 LPA to 28.2 LPA (0-7 years experience)
  • Capgemini – 3 LPA to 18 LPA (1-7 years experience)
  • Mu Sigma – 3 LPA to 25 LPA (0-4 years experience)
  • Cognizant – 3 LPA to 26.2 LPA (1-7 years experience)
  • Wipro – 2.5 LPA to 22 LPA (1-7 years experience)
  • Ab Inbev – 11.7 LPA to 30 LPA (2-7 years experience)
  • Tech Mahindra – 2.9 LPA to 25 LPA (2-14 years experience)
  • Infosys – 3 LPA to 20 LPA (1-6 years experience)

Likewise, there are many leading companies with an endless scope for career growth in the data science field. After upskilling with the right data scientist course in Bangalore, you can decide on your dream company by viewing the pay scales, job roles, & future growth possibilities. 

In a Nutshell!!

No wonder data science jobs are currently trending due to their future growth scopes worldwide. Hence, enrolling in a trending data science course in Bangalore can help you get industry-proven training support. From learning the latest trends to gaining hands-on experience, you become job-ready with assured success. 

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