Would you like to find out more details about the CafePress and FTC settlements? CafePress, an online marketplace offering customizable items, was reportedly subject to data protection breaches and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), took swift action.

There are many people in Canada and the United Kingdom who are interested in finding out how it will be resolved. According to the Commission’s suggestion, the corporation must improve information security. Cafe Press FTC settlement – Read on.

The Settlement

A deal was reached by the Federal Trade Commission over a 2019 breach that exposed millions of user data. CafePress was ordered to strengthen its security and pay a $500,000 fine. This means that the former owner of CafePress must pay half million dollars to reimburse smaller businesses.

E-commerce websites must use authentication, limit the data it collects and protect users’ Social Safety Numbers after they have placed the final order. Each year, the business must also undergo an external audit.

Cafe Press FTC settlement

This settlement shows that the Chair Lina Khan has taken proactive steps in order to stop any alleged violations of data privacy. In addition, Biden’s nominee for President has pledged that she will pursue these issues more vigorously as part of a comprehensive regulatory strategy.

CafePress has reached an agreement in connection with a February 2019 hacker attack that stole information from web company computers. Leaked data included up to 20 million client email and credentials, with allegedly inadequate protection, and 180,000 Personal Details. Cafe Press FTC Resolution was launched after FTC charged the site with failing to implement sufficient security safeguards and storing data for too long.

Make and implement a discard policy.

Users’ data should not be stored for longer than is necessary by federal legislation, business processes or other factors. FTC claimed CafePress kept client information on its system permanently, posing a risk to users, despite considering whether there was a business purpose for such data.

Cafe Press FTC Resolutionimplies that customers’ data should be deleted when there is no valid business or regulatory purpose.


CafePress has been charged by the FTC for failing to take adequate security precautions to safeguard its network’s sensitive data. CafePress Corporation must improve its information security. CafePress was also fined $500,000 as part of a settlement.

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