Cadbury World has warned its customers to stay away from the new scam that offers Cadbury World chocolate hampers for sale in exchange of financial information.

Social media posts claim that Cadbury World is giving away chocolate hampers as a celebration of its 126th birthday. Targeted individuals are people in the United Kingdom. All chocolate lovers are warned about the scam that claims to offer free hampers.

Avoid falling for the Cadbury Worldscam. Find out what to do if someone posts a similar scam on social media.

What is Cadbury Scam

On social media, Cadbury claims it is celebrating its 126th year anniversary by giving away chocolate hampers for those who click the link and share their details. The scam is targeting residents in the United Kingdom area to steal personal and financial information.

Scammers claim that they can offer Cadbury hampers for free in return for bank information and addresses. The Cadbury World Scam message was sent by Anna Burton. She claims she is the regional manager at Cadbury World.

The message claims that Cadbury World celebrates its 126th birthday and that Cadbury World will send Cadbury Hampers for all those who comment and share the post. It also includes a link that will redirect to a scam website. Users must submit their address, bank details, and personal details. One person can follow the link at time.

The Truth of Cadbury World Scam

Cadbury World’s Facebook post is not legitimate. Numerous points make it a fraud.

  • Cadbury World is a Birmingham attraction that does not offer chocolate hampers. The attraction was founded on 14 August 1990. It is therefore only 30 years of age. Cadbury’s original confectionery company was established in 1824. That’s at least 197 year ago. Both cases are incompatible with the 126th Year Anniversary. Do not fall for the Cadbury World Scam scam message.
  • Cadbury Birmingham is the owner and operator of Cadbury World. It has no regional manager. Anna Burton, who claims she is the regional manger, is a fraud.
  • The link redirects you to an unknown website. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Cadbury’s official website.

How to protect yourself against the scam?

  • As scammers are known to make mistakes in their scam messages, you need to double-check the spelling and grammar. You should carefully examine the Cadbury World Scam email to spot any errors.
  • To ensure authenticity, verify the brand’s logo and other details.
  • If you are asked to click on a link that is not associated with the brand’s brand, do not click on it or share any information on other websites.
  • You can report scam messages to Action Fraud Department by calling 0300-123-2040. Or, you can use the online reporting tool.


Cadbury is a famous brand that scammers frequently use to perpetrate scams. Cadbury World Scam a new scam that targets many people in Britain. These tips will help you stay safe.

These scam messages have you ever come across? What have you done? You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments box.