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Did you know that Wordle is a popular game? Did you ever stumble across a word in Wordle and be astonished at its meaning? You are welcome to the Wordle World, if so. This game is played by thousands of people every day in countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom, India, United States, and others. Wordle users have made the word “Cloat” a global trend.

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Is Cloat Wordle correct?

Wordle’s popularity has become a serious matter of fact. This word guessing game is different from other games that are only for teenagers or young adults. It has been played in almost every part of the world, and it’s enjoyed by all ages.

Wordle #367 is a game that everyone takes seriously. Unfortunately, not all people were able to find the right answer. GLOAT was the correct answer for Wordle #367 on 21 June 2022. Many people mistakenly thought it was CLOAT. Cloat is now a popular word. Many people are curious about Cloat and its meaning.

Is Cloat an ?

Do you wonder what Cloat is? The answer to Wordle 367’s 21 June question, ‘GLOAT’, might be familiar. Gloat is enjoying, taking pleasure, delighting, or relishing. What does it mean for someone to gloat? Gloating is when someone takes great joy in someone else’s success or in someone’s failure. This can be quite arrogant or unpleasant.

CLOAT is not a word. The word CLOUT, which means hitting with your hands, or indicating political power and influence, is however, available. We are happy to assist you with other similar words and their meanings.

Similar Words

CLOOT is a similar word to CLOAT.

  • Cloot is the cloven hoof or horny covering at the end of the horse’s foot, in horses and deer.
  • CLOOP is the sound that occurs when a cork has been forced from a bottle.
  • CLOT means lump, clump, mass, like a blood clot. It can also be used to describe a foolish or clumsy person.
  • CLOMP is a term that refers to heavy or loud walking.

You can find new words and their meanings with Cloat. These words could be included in your next Wordle. So make sure you win next time.


We have all information regarding Wordle’s 367-word challenge. Wordle can sometimes make it difficult for you to guess words that you don’t know. Sometimes, confusing words such as GLOAT can be mistakenly guessed as CLOAT. Wordle is free and available on the NYT’s website.

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