Do you have a lot of kitchen knives and spoons in your drawers? Do you want kitchen utensils to take up less space, but be more efficient? Did you know that spurtles can be used to cook? You may have recently found a website that sells special spurtles. If so, read on.

In this article we will be discussing an online shop that many residents, including those from the United States as well as the Canada would like to learn more. Keep reading for Buyspurtle Recommendations.

What does Buyspurtle mean?

Buyspurtle an online ecommerce platform that sells multipurpose spurtles with four different tools in each set is called Buyspurtle. Original meaning of a spurtle is a wooden kitchen tool from Scotland. A video has been provided by the developers showing the many uses for spurtles that are available on this portal.

The four tools include a spreader/scraper, slotted, super spurtle and super scraper. They are all made of acaciawood. These tools have many functions like stirring, flipping. spreading. whisking. folding. cutting.


  • Website Type An electronic commerce site that sells multipurpose spurtles.
  • Website Address –
  • Email Address –16175, NW49th Avenue Miami Gardens, FL-33014. (This is an address for another online store. It will help you to determine Does Buyspurtle.
  • Telephone Number844 411 566
  • Email Address –[email protected]
  • Filtering options and sorting options –This website sells just one product.
  • Social Media Connecting –Unavailable
  • Privacy and Terms of Services –Mentioned
  • Shipping Information It is not possible to ship within a specific timeframe. Shipping and handling charges cost $5.99
  • Return Policies and Refund Policies –Customers are required to return the product within thirty day of receipt. They will be refunded within seven to 10 working days.
  • Product’s Price –Mentioned USD.
  • Payment Modes –Credit / debit cards of Visa MasterCard, American Express, Discover and American Express.


  • Explanatory images for the items can be found.
  • The video below shows how each spurtle can be used.

  • For the Buyspurtle order tracking status, the website will be redirected. Its policy language and contact details openly mention the name of the second website. So, it is unclear if this portal can legally be considered a branch of the website or just a matter for duplicity.
  • The subject website has no social media connections.
  • Although there are a few reviews, this portal does not have a separate section for buyers to leave feedback.
  • It is unknown when the product will be delivered.

Buyspurtle is Legit

The information we have so far indicates some doubts about this portal’s authenticity. For more details, please see the points below.

  • Website Age1 year, four months, since this portal was created on August 5, 2020 by the developers.
  • Website Trust Score60%. This is an Average Trust Index.
  • AlexaRank –2,099774, which isn’t an impressive ranking.
  • Customer Review – Some testimonials, which are claimed to be from verified customers, are available on this website. The website does not have a section where customers can leave Buyspurtle reviews or provide feedback on the products.
  • Social Media Linking This website does not connect to social media platforms.
  • Contact Details A different ecommerce store has your contact information and e mail address. The products are the exact same on both websites.
  • Originality in Content –The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions mention the name or URL of an additional ecommerce store that sold the same product.
  • No Shipping Policies –

In light of the above, we cannot determine whether this website is a legitimate division or duplicate. Accordingly, we cannot confirm the authenticity or legitimacy of the subject website.

Buyspurtle Reviews

We did not find any reviews about this website on trustpilot, Amazon, Reddit or Quora. While there are some positive reviews on the subject portal there isn’t a section to prove them. It appears that this website has not been used by many buyers.


We cannot state that this website is legitimate due to the inadequacies of its reviews.