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Do you wish to boost your the power of your spirit and increase your positivity? Do you want assistance in healing yourself by nature? Are you a believer in the power of stones in the universe? Are you aware of the Moldavites stones believed for their ability to channel energy from the universe, and particularly lunar energies? Are you looking to purchase Moldavites stones on the internet from the United States? offers a variety of Moldavites. However, before purchasing Moldavites stones, we advise you go through reviews below.

Brief: is committed to selling Moldavites stones to those who are seeking healing energy. John Moldavite who is the creator of has felt the positive effects of the Moldavites. Thus, John dedicated himself to selling the best Moldavites stones on the internet.

Presently on there are 1215 Moldavites jewelry and stones classified as:

  1. Moldavites Raw
  2. Moldavite Besednice
  3. Moldavite Angel Chime
  4. Moldavite Large
  5. Moldavites Certified
  6. Moldavite Wholesale
  7. Tektite Colombianite
  8. Rings
  9. Necklaces
  10. Pendants
  11. Bracelets
  12. Earrings
  13. Moldavite Faceted


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  • Social media links:Included for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on This is a good sign to determine is Genuine?
  • Cost:starts from $29.15 to $582.21
  • Physical address19266 Coastal Highway, DE-19971, United States.
  • Customer Blogs and Reviews:customer reviews are present on however it doesn’t support blogging.
  • The Terms and Condition:mentioned in However, the HTML0 Terms and Conditions were copied by various websites.
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  • Telephone (or) Whatsapp #:Only the phone number can be listed as +1(833)200-7587.
  • Store locator: did not include a store locator.
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  • reviews regarding Trackingpossible possible using a tracking code along with order number, as well as email address.
  • Terms of will accept returns up to seven business days from the day of the delivery.
  • Returns This refund process is handled by within 7 days of when the return is received. However, the cost of shipping cannot be subject to the refund.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Mode of Payment:USD via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Instalment service is offered through Sezzle.
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  • Owner’s contact information:John Moldavite is the creator of

Pros and cons are determined by Review :

  • Many types of Moldavites stones can be found on
  • Moldavites are able as a channel for cosmic energies, particularly lunar energy, to aid in healing and meditation.
  • guarantees 100% authenticity assurance


  • the physical address has a beach and three bars. Therefore, the address is fake.
  • Important information regarding shipment as well as delivery are not included on
  • The negative effects of moldavites are controlled and portrayed as safe on

Is Buymoldavite Legit?

  • Creation: 22nd December 2019 at 1:50:18 PM.
  • The last update was the the 22nd of November, 2021 05:57.18 AM.
  • Expiry Date: within the next nine months and 14 days starting on December 22nd, 2022 at 1:50.18 PM. thought of checking is Genuine?
  • Age: two years, two months and fourteen days old.
  • Trust Index: obtained an average trust score of 76%..
  • originated in Iceland.
  • Situation of Blacklisting has not been listed on the blacklist.
  • Risk Profilea Negative highlight due to a the score of 20/100.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximitya positive highlight thanks to an overall score of 26/100.
  • The Phishing Score isa Positive highlight thanks to a score of 6/100.
  • score for malware:a high-quality highlight because of a score of 4/100.
  • Spam Scorea low-grade highlight on account of a the score of 20/100.
  • Connect has a working HTTPS server.
  • Review about Contact Person:Specific contact person was not listed by
  • Social relationships: pages are active in Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with 2650 followers.
  • Owner’s contactdetails:the contact information of John Moldavite have been censored through’s services.

Customers Reviews:

Trustpilot displays 166 customer reviews with the company a 4.9/5 stars. A review posted on Facebook provides a 5-star review to

Reviews of products posted on are all positive which is why they’re not trustworthy. Six reviews on the website of indicate that it’s possibly a genuine website. was a victim of a poor Alexa rank of 827155. The website is a PayPal partner, they accept PayPal, Be aware of PayPal scamsto be sure you are not being fraudulently scammed.

Conclusion: reviews Review of Buymoldavite.comconcludes that may be genuine. Customers received Moldavites, and had posted positive feedback. has been operating for more than 2 years, and has an average Trust Index. It is however, is suggested only for internet users who are experienced because of its high threat profile and a low Alexa Ranking.

As accepts CreditCard payments, you should be conscious about Credit Card Scams to avoid stay clear of scams.

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