You will find a rush of services online that claim to be the best YouTube views provider. However, that is not true.

Most of those ‘best services’ only provide mediocre service and are pretty expensive. Many of you have researched for days looking for a YouTube marketer that you can trust. Also, you want it to be cheap and provide maximum output.

I am pleased to inform you that your pursuit has ended because I have done all the hard work and narrowed down those massive amounts of YouTube marketers to only a few that deliver and are not too heavy on your pockets. 

The Best Hot Deals

In 2022, buying YouTube views can become a hectic task if you don’t know where to go. The following services are selected carefully after evaluating and comparing a considerable number. 

Let’s look at the top-notch services that deliver the best results and at a lower cost.


This YouTube marketing service is not very old in the market, but its loyal following has increased dramatically. LenosTube offers YouTube Views, Subscribers, Watchtime, Comments, Social media shares and much more at reasonable rates. Following are their hottest deals:

  • They offer High Retention views at a minor amount – 1000 views per $5. What are ‘Hight Retention views’? They will increase your watch time along with the views. So, if you buy this basic package, you will be getting one extra free service.
  • They offer another exciting package at only $5.4. This package includes the views from USA and Uk only, which are Tier 1 English countries. The views from these countries are much more effective in ranking your channel. Also, they are 100% organic and generate ads income.
  • At only $6, you can buy YouTube Ads Views which brings you 100% real traffic. Also, their rates are much lower than individuals who provide the same service at higher prices. 
  • Their most selling package is the Real Monetized Views. It comes at the basic cost of $5 and is an excellent option for newcomers trying to get their YouTube channel monetized. Of course, these views are also 100% organic and from real people. 
  • Another fantastic package that they offer is Cheap Views. These views are excellent and provide you with a 3 to 4 minutes retention time. It is a cheap package at the minimum price of $2.5 and grants you 1000 views. What is more? These views are genuine and don’t drop with time. 
  • Another package of LenosTube that exceeds expectations and is used by many pros is Keyword Rank Views. Coming at only $27, these views are exceptional. They are intended to rank your video higher. Each view will watch most of your video after searching your keyword. Your video will be on top results in no time. 

Google Ads

Google Ads for YouTube videos are an excellent method to promote your channel and get massive views. Your video will be shown to the people who usually like and watch videos in your domain or niche through targeted advertising. Here is how you can do it:

  • Login to your YouTube account and go to YouTube Studio.
  • Choose a video that you wish to promote.
  • The following window will let you change the appearance you your video ad.
  • After that, you will be asked to select the language and location of your targeted audience.
  • Similarly, you will put in more details about your targeted audience’s preferences etc.
  • Finally, you will set your daily budget, and you can post your ad. 

It is highly recommended that you use a minimum amount initially and then adjust your daily spending limit further after seeing progress.


TheYTLab is an SMM YouTube panel where you create specific orders by choosing the number of views and their types. Typically, SMM panels are a waste of money and a bad experience. However, this one is managed and run by professionals who love what they do and prefer quality over quantity. 

All you need to do is create an account and play around on your dashboard to get the hang of it. 

Also, their process is automated, and the orders are also processed automatically. However, you can rest assured that their views are 100% real and from organic traffic. 

Finally, they are not using automated bots to bring you artificial traffic. Instead, their bots post your videos on numerous platforms all over the web. Likewise, the natural and organic traffic is attracted to your channels by clicking on those posts. 

Who knows, you may even get numerous subscribers and additional views.


Getting YouTube views is becoming challenging with each passing day. It is because more people are uploading the content and starting new channels.

This article is intended to guide struggling YouTubers on how to boost their channels by buying the views. I have described some of the most innovative and cheap deals in 2022. Which one are you going to choose?