Buying YouTube watch time is a great way to build your audience and increase your YouTube revenue. However, buying fake watch time is a bad idea that can indirectly hurt your channel rather than help it. That’s why it’s important to buy YouTube watch time from reputable sources that will deliver the maximum amount of watch time to your videos. I researched the best places to buy YouTube watch time hours, and these are the ones I recommend.


When you want to buy YouTube watch time, it can be a hassle trying to find a reliable supplier. I’m always on the lookout for great new watch time providers. I’ve found some solid providers in the past, but only the best ones can meet my needs and budget – the guys at 4000Hours are such a provider.

You can buy 4000 hours by visiting their site.

4000Hours is an award-winning company that sells YouTube watch time to companies and agencies. They have been around for several years, and its founders have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. If you are serious about growing your YouTube channel, I recommend buying YouTube watch time from 4000Hours. They are one of the rare companies that provide real YouTube watch time.

And after all, if your name is “youtube4000hours”, surely there is one thing you can do properly. And that is, delivering watch hours to YouTube channels.

Furthermore, they have excellent reviews from other customers and never disappoint. They complete your order within the provided time and provide excellent support if you need it, and I was able to monetize two of my channels easily and with no issues.


So, LenosTube is another super site for watch hours. I have tested numerous services in the past, and I found that LenosTube was one of the best for several of their marketing services, from subscribers to views.

And with their resources and support, not only did I get my money’s value, but I also learned a lot about YouTube marketing.

I also tried watch time and the quality was not worse than other services which I have been using. Safe, fast and channel monetized. Easy. I highly recommend LenosTube to everyone looking to buy YouTube watch time. You can visit LenosTube website to learn more about their latest offerings and packages.

As I said they are not focused only on watch time, so you might get lost a bit around their content-rich website. It is a website focused on YouTube marketing and on delivering the required boost to your YouTube channel. That boost can be in likes, views, comments, shares, watch time, SEO, and other relevant services you can think of.

Furthermore, what makes them better than other similar services is that they deliver you real/organic traffic. You might know that such services use automated methods, bots, and background programs to artificially add likes, subs, and watch time to your videos. I agree that there is not much risk involved in such methods, but why buy fake things when you have the opportunity to get the real thing?

Lastly, they have competitive prices and offer many different packages. You can buy as little or as much watch time as you need, and the pricing is transparent. Also, you can view the packages and pricing options on their website before purchasing, so there are no surprises.

Other Sites

There are several other online services, and the following are a few honorable mentions that I think deserve a place in this article.


They provide excellent services at really reasonable rates. Their team has years of experience marketing on Google AdWords & YouTube Automation. You get precisely what you spend for, and their customer support is terrific and you will get access to a fast and an automated panel, which makes the buying process very user friendly.

Buy Real Media

They’ll help you develop a plan for how you want your watch time to look. Also, they always make sure that your YouTube watch hours are high quality, have a high retention rate, and aren’t going to drop off anytime soon, and then they’ll help you execute that strategy.

They’ll also help you handle any fallout if your watch time is lower than expected.

Understanding YouTube

When it comes to marketing on YouTube, there are two sides to the coin: You have the content side, and you have the marketing side. The marketing side primarily focuses on growing your watch time to have a larger audience for your videos. The focus on building a solid watch time is often at the expense of creating high-quality content, which results in fewer views and less engagement. But the right mix of both content and marketing is paramount to achieving success on YouTube.


When you want to buy YouTube watch time, your first instinct might be to head to the web’s shadiest and most obscure places- please don’t do that.

Each of the above-listed companies will let you buy as little as a single hour of watch time, which is better than nothing if you want to test the services. You may also purchase as much watch time as you want, which is ideal if you have significant competition and want to leverage it. Each of these sellers also offers various options for buying YouTube watch time.

Lastly, they are reliable and professional and have excellent customer service. If you purchase through them, they will deliver. You won’t have to worry about late deliveries, hidden charges, lousy customer support and numerous other problems.

They are tried and tested, and I think they provided my money’s worth.